How to Make Your Own External Hard Drive (and Why You Should)

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A language isolate is a language that has no relationships with other languages. English, for example, is not a language isolate because it is a Germanic family language.

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April 29, 2022

Did You Know?

A language isolate is a language that has no relationships with other languages. English, for example, is not a language isolate because it is a Germanic family language.

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How to Make Your Own External Hard Drive (and Why You Should)

It’s tough shopping for an external hard drive with reasonable performance these days. Many USB options use a slow hard drive technology called SMR that can be hard to spot. If you want good transfer speeds for a reasonable price, you’ll need to roll your own. Here’s how. Read More »

What Is Kindle Unlimited, and Is It Worth It?

There are plenty of services that will let you consume as many TV shows, movies, and music as you want for a monthly fee. But what about books? Is there a streaming service for books? Meet “Kindle Unlimited.” Read More »

Working From Home? Boost Your Productivity With Setapp for Mac

Working from home has become wildly popular over the past few years, but it has also introduced us to challenges we hadn’t considered. Pets, projects around the house, random distractions on the internet — all serve to deter focus and hamper productivity. Can a suite of work-focused apps help you get back on track? We’ll discuss how to stay productive while working from home with Setapp, a popular subscription service with more than 200 incredible apps for Mac. Read More »

How to Animate Parts of a Chart in Microsoft PowerPoint

Animations in Microsoft PowerPoint can add pizzazz to your presentation. So, if you include a chart in your slideshow, consider animating it as well. With flexible options, you can animate parts of a chart instead of the whole thing. Read More »

The Best Desktop Macs of 2022

If you don’t need the portability of a laptop, picking a desktop Mac over an Apple MacBook could save you money and net you much more screen real estate. But which should you pick up? Here are some recommendations. Read More »

What Is DisplayPort Adaptive-Sync?

If you’ve shopped for a gaming monitor, there is a good chance you have come across something called DisplayPort Adaptive-Sync. Here is everything you need to know about it and how it’s different from FreeSync and G-Sync. Read More »

5 Surprising Things You Can’t Say on TikTok

People think of TikTok as an “anything goes” platform, but that’s far from true. There are some very mild words that will get you in trouble if used. You may be surprised by just how innocent some of them are. Read More »

How to Change the Taskbar Color in Windows 11

Windows 11 already sports a stylish design, but adding some personality to your PC might make you feel more at home. Luckily, it’s easy to personalize Windows 11 by adding color to the taskbar. Here’s how to do it. Read More »

“Live Text” Is the Best iPhone and Mac Feature You’re Not Using

Copying text from the real world into a note or a document used to require manual transcription or hit-and-miss OCR software. If you have an iPhone, you can easily copy text from a sign, book, or screenshot using Live Text. Read More »

Friday Fun: 13 Nostalgic Childhood Snacks

Do you ever find yourself craving a snack you cherished as a child? The memories connected to some of our favorite childhood foods make them taste even more delicious 30+ years later, and we’ve got 13 classics to prove it. Read More »

Wyze Buds Review: Muddy Sound Quality Ruins a Solid Pair of Earbuds

Affordable wireless earbuds have come a long way, to the point where a $25 pair of Skullcandy’s can deliver decent audio quality. That’s great news for customers like you and me, but it also means that the bar’s higher than it used to be. And unfortunately, the $53 Wyze Buds fail to reach that bar because of muddy sound quality. Read More »

This Easy, Affordable Upgrade Can Increase Your Home's Value

To say the housing market is wild right now would probably be an understatement. If you’re looking to sell, you’re in a great position to earn some money on your home. For those who want to squeeze in extra earnings, though, there’s one simple, affordable upgrade you can make. Read More »

8 Amazing Rivian R1T Electric Truck Features

Last year, a new American auto manufacturer named Rivian released the first electric truck, the exciting Rivian R1T. It’s an adventure vehicle with a unique design, plenty of power, and a lot to love. Read More »

Wired vs. Wireless Keyboards: Which Is Better for Gaming?

Besides the cable, you may find wireless keyboards don’t provide nearly as much value as their wired counterparts. Let’s find out why and discuss why you might benefit more from using a wired gaming keyboard. Read More »


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A Twitter Alternative: How Does Mastodon Work?

Want to keep an eye on the world’s events beyond the corporate eye of Twitter? Then the microblogging platform Mastodon might just be for you. Here’s a look at what it is, how it works, and how it compares to Twitter. Read More »




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What Is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?

You’ve heard of two-factor authentication (2FA) and its many benefits, but what about multi-factor authentication (MFA)? MFA can go beyond a simple text or authentication app, and might even happen without you knowing it. Read More »


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How to Add To or Edit a Drop-Down List in Google Sheets

Google Sheets makes it easy to add and remove items from the existing drop-down menus in your spreadsheets. You can also change your drop-down settings, and even completely remove them if you want. Here’s how to do that. Read More »

How to Draw on Google Docs

Google Docs is well-known for being a comprehensive text editor, but it also provides some basic, built-in drawing tools that allow users to create basic designs in their documents and give them that special touch. Read More »


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