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May 2, 2022

Let’s talk about something new and dear to my heart: hearing technology. Anyone who has spent much time with me in person probably knows that I experience some odd hearing difficulties. I’ll pass tonal-based hearing tests, but I have trouble understanding people with low-pitched voices or whispers too close to me. (Paradoxically, I understand whispers a few rooms away!)

And that’s why I’m super excited for Hearables. They’re kind of like Wearables (smartwatches) but for your ears! I don’t need hearing aids, but I need “help,” especially in noisy places like restaurants. And Hearables seem like a solution for people like me. We’ll tell you all about them in the top story.

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What are Hearables?

Odds are, you’ve heard of wearables—think fitness trackers, smart clothing, smartwatches, and display glasses. But what about hearables? We have all the info on what they are, who should use them, how they can help you, and where you can get them. Read More »

This Month in Tech History: May

The month of May contains several milestones in the history of technology. From the revival of Apple’s desktop line to a landmark lawsuit against Microsoft, the birth of telecommunication as we know it, and the release of two of the most influential video games ever. Read on for the details. Read More »

Optoma Debuts New UHD55 Smart 4K Projector Perfect for Gamers

The new Optoma UHD55 Smart 4K projector looks to deliver a class-leading gaming or theater experience without the high price tag. Delivering specs that match far more expensive projectors, like a bright 3,600-lumen output, making it the perfect choice for your gaming setup. Read More »

Tesla Recalls 48,000 EVs Over Speedometer Issue

This week, Tesla has issued another recall for a software problem in over 48,000 Model 3 electric vehicles. According to the NHTSA, an issue with “track mode” prevents the display from showing the proper speed reading. Read More »

This Hilarious Deepfake Replaces the New Batman with the 1960s Batman

Maybe you left the new Batman movie thinking it was too dark and edgy. That’s understandable; we’re long overdue for a goofy Adam West or George Clooney-like Batman. And if you disagree with me, maybe this hilarious deepfake trailer will correct your flawed opinion. Read More »

STUFF WE LIKE This Bold Braided USB Cable is the Colorful Accessory We All Need
This Bold Braided USB Cable is the Colorful Accessory We All Need

It never hurts to have an extra USB cable on hand, especially if it’s a cool color! This two-pack of USB-A to USB-C cables are the perfect accessory for keeping gadgets like your smartphone, tablet, or laptop charged and ready to use. Each cable measures 6.6 feet long, supports fast charging (for compatible devices), and is made with aluminum housing sheathed with a strong woven nylon fiber that’ll help it last much longer than a traditional cable will. It’s available in red, black, blue, green, grey, rose gold, and silver, so you can choose one that matches your style.

Get it at Amazon →

MIT Researchers Created “Wallpaper Thin” Speakers

Imagine if you could turn all the walls in your home office or garage into speakers. Well, researchers at MIT have developed a new speaker that’s as thin as a piece of paper and so lightweight it can go almost anywhere. Read More »

LEGO ‘Horizon Forbidden West’ Set Lets Aloy Ride a Tallneck

Just in time for the new Horizon: Forbidden West video game release, LEGO has announced an epic new Horizon Tallneck set that any die-hard fan will surely love. With big disk-headed robotic dinosaurs, and of course, Aloy is along for the ride as well. Read More »

LEGO Announces Two New Botanical Options Just in Time for Mother’s Day

We’ve all been there: you’re last-minute Mother’s Day shopping, and the best idea you have is a succulent or orchid at the local grocery store. Why not take that desperate move up a geeky notch this year and order a LEGO version of the plant? Because that’s just what the company announced. Read More »


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These Raspberry Pi-Powered Digital Cameras Feel Analog

Film enthusiasts may be aware of lomography, a photography genre that explores crappy analog cameras and the unpredictable images they produce. But digital cameras, by nature, have trouble fitting in this space. That’s why Christopher Getschmann (Volzo on YouTube) set out to make a pair of intentionally wonky “digital toy cameras” using a Pi Zero and some very strange lenses. Read More »




The Security Feature Wherein "VOID" Appears On Photocopied Documents Is Called A?
Pantograph »
Refractory »
Copyblock »
Photobar »
Alexa Just Gained Your Most-Wanted Smart Doorbell Feature

Sure, you can go into the Alexa app to look at your Alexa device’s live camera feed to see if anything’s happening, or you can wait for it to send you an alert if it notices any activity. That’s right—Alexa can now alert you when it sees a package or person at your door. Read More »

These Tesla Coils Play the ‘Mario Bros’ Theme with Electricity

When you think about someone playing video game music, you probably picture someone playing on a synth or an orchestra playing a soundtrack. What you likely don’t picture is the Super Mario Bros. theme song being played on Tesla coils, which is precisely what this clever guy did. Read More »

The 7 Best Balance Boards for Your Standing Desk

You’ve probably seen people using balance boards as part of their workouts, but did you know they also make for excellent standing desk accessories? They’re good for your health and beat sitting around in your office chair all day. Read More »

6 Decorative Lights That’ll Liven Up Your Deck, Porch, or Patio

The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting longer, and your porch is darker than sin. Why not brighten things up with some fancy decorative lights? Here are our favorite outdoor lights for the patio, porch, or deck. Read More »

How Long Will My Android Phone Be Supported With Updates?

Updates are a big deal in the Android world. Apple controls the iPhone update process, but Google does not have that power over Android. How are you supposed to know how long your Android phone will get updates? We’ll help you. Read More »

Every Microsoft Company Logo From 1975-2022

Since its founding in 1975, Microsoft has grown dramatically. As new products and eras came along, the firm changed its branding image over the years to match. Here’s a look at all of its major logos from the past 47 years. Read More »

Joby Wavo Air Review: A Content Creator's Ideal Wireless Mic

You can create professional-looking videos with just a smartphone, but the audio is trickier to get right. If you’re going to create YouTube videos or other content, the Joby Wavo Air wireless microphone system is a great item to get you started, as long as it fits with what you plan to create. Read More »


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