Android Phone Updates and Microsoft Company Logos

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The dramatic falls taken by the burglars in the film Home Alone are now somewhat legendary among the stunt person community and, to “do a Home Alone” in stunt lingo, is to perform a stunt that involves falling with a lot of hang time in the air.

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May 2, 2022

Did You Know?

The dramatic falls taken by the burglars in the film Home Alone are now somewhat legendary among the stunt person community and, to “do a Home Alone” in stunt lingo, is to perform a stunt that involves falling with a lot of hang time in the air.

Every Microsoft Company Logo From 1975-2022

Since its founding in 1975, Microsoft has grown dramatically. As new products and eras came along, the firm changed its branding image over the years to match. Here’s a look at all of its major logos from the past 47 years. Read More »

How to Open Notifications With One Hand on a Google Pixel

There’s no getting around the fact that the majority of Android phones are very large. The Google Pixel series is not exempt from this trend. Thankfully, they have a handy gesture to make opening the notifications easier. Read More »

Our New Favorite Robot Vacuum Goes on Sale Today

When it comes to robot vacuums, few companies push the boundaries of possibility as effectively as Roborock. Introducing features like advanced navigation with obstacle avoidance, industry-leading suction power, and an automatic bin emptying system, the company continues to redefine what a robot vacuum can do. This year, Roborock has truly outdone themselves by taking all of their fine-tuned innovations and cramming them into the brand new S7 MaxV Ultra, available for purchase starting today. Read More »

How to Add a Trendline in Microsoft Excel

Adding a trendline to your chart helps your audience better understand the data by way of visualization. Not only can you add a trendline to your already-existing chart in Excel, but you can also format it, too. Read More »

The Best Robot Vacuums of 2022

Robot vacuums are convenient home appliances that keep your floors clean. They pick up dirt, hair, and other debris while navigating around your home. Check out our recommended list of robot vacuums to find one that’s right for your home. Read More »

What Is Extended Reality (XR), and Will it Replace VR?

Extended Reality (XR) is a term that encompasses several technologies but also describes a  spectrum of reality-changing methods including Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR). XR brings all of these ideas under a single umbrella. Read More »

How Much Does an Electric Car Really Cost?

Most people believe electric vehicles (EVs) are much more expensive than gas-powered cars. When EVs first hit the market, that was true, but the gap is narrowing. Here we’ll dive into how much an EV will really cost you. Read More »

How to Zip and Unzip Files With Gzip on Linux

There are many file compression utilities, but the one you’re guaranteed to find on every Linux distribution is gzip. If you only learn to use one compression tool, it should be gzip . Read More »

How Long Will My Android Phone Be Supported With Updates?

Updates are a big deal in the Android world. Apple controls the iPhone update process, but Google does not have that power over Android. How are you supposed to know how long your Android phone will get updates? We’ll help you. Read More »

Here's Everything Coming to Netflix the Week of May 2, 2022

Netflix’s large, beginning of the month drop happened last week. That doesn’t mean the streaming service isn’t dropping a plethora of quality content this week, though. Read More »

This DIY Insect Repellent Actually Works (and Smells Good, Too)

It’s no secret that bug repellent sprays are effective at warding off pests like mosquitos. Unfortunately, they don’t always smell all that great. However, there is an option that’ll keep those bloodsucking insects off of you without making you smell like a chemical factory. Read More »

Eve MotionBlinds Review: The Future of Smart Shades

Smart shades (or smart blinds) are one of my favorite smart home accessories I own. But they tend to be very expensive, very slow, loud, and often require yet another smart home hub. Eve’s new MotionBlinds solve most of those problems in one excellent package. Read More »

Joby Wavo Air Review: A Content Creator’s Ideal Wireless Mic

You can create professional-looking videos with just a smartphone, but the audio is trickier to get right. If you’re going to create YouTube videos or other content, the Joby Wavo Air wireless microphone system is a great item to get you started, as long as it fits with what you plan to create. Read More »


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What Is a CDN, and Why Do Companies Use Them?

Services you probably use every day, from Netflix to Amazon, rely on something called a CDN, or Content Distribution (sometimes “Delivery”) Network. So what are these special computer networks for, and why are they so important? Read More »




The Longest Running Movie Franchise In The World Is?
Superman »
James Bond »
Godzilla »
National Lampoon »
How to Use An Antivirus Boot Disc or USB Drive to Ensure Your Computer is Clean

If your computer is infected with malware, running an antivirus within Windows may not be enough to remove it. If your computer has a rootkit, the malware may be able to hide itself from your antivirus software. Read More »


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How to Test Your Antivirus, Firewall, Browser, and Software Security

So you have an antivirus program guarding your system, your firewall is up, your browser is updated, and you’re not missing any security patches. But how can be sure your defenses are actually working as well as you think they are? Read More »

How to Fix “Show Accent Color on Start and Taskbar” Grayed Out on Windows 11

If you’re trying to change the color of the taskbar in Windows 11, you might find that the option to “Show accent color on Start” is grayed out in the Settings app. We’ll show you how to fix it. Read More »


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