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Hi Reader

Today I have a 7 new free tutorials for you.

But first, an announcement: starting May 24 I'll briefly open access to the React + Next.js Bootcamp advanced part.

Only for people already familiar with React and the Web fundamentals but want to do a lot of practice building projects together with me.

We'll work on 12 real-world projects with React and Next.js:

May 30 Build a site similar to Twitter
We’ll build a site similar to how Twitter works with Next.js, focusing on the core aspects of how a social network like Twitter works. We’ll implement authentication, creating a profile, tweeting, replying to tweets, and much more!

June 06 Build a job board
We’ll build a two-sided marketplace application: a job board. We’ll have people that submit jobs, and people that apply to jobs, so we’ll handle the experience of both those scenarios

June 13 Build a site similar to Reddit
We’ll create a site that works similarly to Reddit, the super popular social network. We’ll create subreddits, allow people to post into them, we’ll implement nested comments, and uploading images to an AWS S3 bucket

June 20 Build a site like YouTube
In week 12 we’ll create our own low-fidelity version of YouTube! We’ll let people create channels, upload videos to AWS S3 and serve them via a player, subscribe to channels, we’ll add search, pagination, and more!

June 27 Digital downloads platform
We’ll create something similar to Gumroad or Etsy for digital downloads. Say you create ebooks (or anything else that’s digital), and you want to sell them. We’ll make a private area to upload and add all the details about the digital products, and the frontend-facing area will handle purchases and letting people download the files.

July 04 Rental apartment website
We'll create a rental website for your own apartment. Instead of a marketplace of houses, it’s a site dedicated to just your house. You set the rates, there’s an availability calendar, people can book nights directly on your site. We'll have total control and no fees.

July 11 Site using a Headless CMS
We’ll create a content-centered website that will use a headless CMS as its content “base”. Then our Next.js website will take care of distributing this content. A perfect use care for this is when non-technical people need to update the website.

July 18 Build a video conferencing tool
Ever used made a group video call? We will create a website that lets anyone start a live video call and generate an invite code so other people can join.

July 25 Create a site with a private members area
We are going to create a website on which you can create a private members-only area. Members will pay a monthly fee using Stripe to join the members area, and inside it we’ll add something that our users will want to pay for. Like Patreon, but on our own website.

August 01 Create a reviews site
Depending on where you live, you might be used to opening Tripadvisor or Yelp for reviews of the place you’re in. We’re going to create something similar, with places and activities and reviews, except for a local place. Think of a tourist area near you and imagine a website that is highly focused on that and its hotels, restaurants, shops.

August 08 Build a project management SaaS
If you’ve ever used a tool like Basecamp or Asana, you know how it makes collaboration simple. People will pay to access and use our app. We’ll create a simple project management app with free trial, signup, monthly payment plans with Stripe for users, cancellation, etc.

August 15 Create an e-commerce website
We will create a real-world e-commerce shop that sells physical items. We’ll add items into an admin interface, people will browse and shop for items, add them to the cart, and will checkout. We’ll send the order to the shop owner and they’ll take care of shipping etc.


Stay tuned. Signups will open 2 weeks from now.


Let's go on to the tutorials I published this week:

How to fix error serializing Date object JSON in Next.js, a common issue in Next.js

How to solve the document is not defined error, another common Next.js error

How to list files in a folder in Node

How to empty a folder in Node.js

How to create a function in a Bash shell script

How to loop over an array in Bash

How to fix the "Parse failure: Unterminated string constant" error



That's it for this week!

Don't forget to follow me on Twitter and subscribe to my YouTube channel!

See you next Tuesday


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