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What book are you reading? Big thanks to Stytch for sponsoring today's issue! kale


Stytch is building the all-in-one platform for passwordless auth
//stytch sponsored

I'm all-in on server-side SQLite
//fly comments

Why do you waste so much time on the internet?
//bearblog comments

We need a middle class for startups
//neilthanedar comments

Markdoc: Stripe's Markdown-based authoring framework
//markdoc comments

Preview, the Mac app people forget about
//fourth-wall comments

Unix command line conventions over time
//liw comments

When buying the dip doesn’t work: An analysis of the dot-com crash
//substack comments

Bubble Tea: fun, functional and stateful way to build terminal apps
//github comments

Things I don’t want to do to grow my side project
//wagslane comments

CaskDB – project to teach you building a key value store
//github comments

#Ask HN

Is anyone else glad the crypto market is crashing?

Why can't I learn anymore?

Important nonobvious startup/business lessons you've learned?

#Show HN

Stripe Financial Connections //stripe comments

I am building a free version of Strava //mtbx comments

Oldest Search – Search for the oldest result on internet //oldestsearch comments

Find the 10 highest and 10 lowest correlations to any stock //betagainst comments

I made Ankify that converts notes to Anki cards //krxiang comments

I'm building the “chess.com” of speed cubing //cubedesk comments


Mitmproxy2swagger – Automagically reverse-engineer REST APIs //github comments

Meta Is Transferring Jest to the OpenJS Foundation //fb comments

Datasette Lite: a server-side Python web application running in a browser //simonwillison comments

A Spatial Environment for Python //natto comments

What Is JSON Patch? //jsonpatch comments

Best practices for optimizing Lambda functions //cloudash comments

UML Diagrams Designer via Code //sequencediagram comments


Yep, I created the new Avatar font //swelltype comments

It’s time we fix the unethical design of cookie consent windows //uxdesign comments


Unpaywall: An open database of 31,903,705 free scholarly articles //unpaywall comments

How to Walk (12 miles a day) //substack comments

Ask HN: Teach me something new //ycombinator

Science of Fasting //substack comments

Fruits and vegetables are less nutritious than they used to be //nationalgeographic comments


I made a virtual bookshelf //petargyurov comments

Learning modern Linux: A handbook for the cloud native practitioner //oreilly comments

Dive into Systems: computer systems introduction //diveintosystems comments

A Philosophy of Software Design – Book Summary and Notes //elvischidera comments


Farewell Etaoin Shrdlu //archive comments

The Making Of Grand Theft Auto //youtube comments

Norway's biggest CS player tries playing under a female alias //youtube comments

The record player from the engine bay of an 80’s Datsun car //youtube comments

4K Drone footage of a moving Tornado funnel //youtube comments


1,900 remote company profiles with tech stacks & benefits //himalayas comments

Apple's director of machine learning resigns due to return to office //macrumors comments

The Google incentive mismatch: Problems with promotion-oriented cultures //warp comments

Why I left Google: work-life balance //scottkennedy comments

Ask HN: Who is hiring? //ycombinator

My experience getting a tech job with no degree or relevant work experience //substack comments

Ask HN: Companies hiring for a 4-day workweek? //ycombinator

Layoffs.fyi //layoffs comments

Lessons learned from the recent job hunt //jvt comments

Ask HN: Who wants to be hired? //ycombinator

Ask HN: Freelancer? Seeking freelancer? //ycombinator

#Startup News

Twitter CEO fires two top executives, freezes hiring //theverge comments

Coinbase warns that bankruptcy could wipe out user funds //fortune comments

Shopify to Acquire Delivrr for $2.1B //shopify comments

Tiger Global, hit by $17B in hedge fund losses, has nearly depleted its VC fund //techcrunch comments

ReMarkable closes funding at a $1B+ valuation after selling 1M devices //techcrunch comments


Tetris, but silly //unit520 comments

I made a browser-based RTS game //battle-of-flags comments

I made a site where you can travel in space in your browser //spaceinbrowser comments

City in a bottle: 256 bytes of JavaScript to render a shaded city-scape //twitter comments

Nests and Insects – A roguelike tabletop roleplaying game //github comments

#Cutting Room Floor

Nvidia releases open-source GPU kernel modules //nvidia comments

Everything with a battery should have an off switch //twitter comments

Finland will seek NATO membership immediately //presidentti comments

PowerToys – open-source Windows utilities //fourth-wall comments

Apple is discontinuing the iPod //apple comments

The saddest “just ship it” story //kitze comments

The day I discovered that Apple Maps is Kind of Good now //xkcd comments

Fritzing is an open-source electronic design tool //fritzing comments

Paperd.ink – an open-source e-paper development board //paperd comments

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