Initiator Creator - Initiator Creator - Issue 103

Initiator Creator - Issue #103

By Saurabh Y. // 22 May 2022


Comparing Go vs. C in embedded applications - StackOverflow

Impossibly tight deadlines, unrealistic schedules, and constant pressure to develop and release applications on time, while at the same time achieving excellent quality. Sound familiar?

Web Applications 101 - Robin Wieruch

A website doesn't equal a website these days. A website ranges from a marketing website for a product to a full-blown social media platform. As someone new to web development, it's not easy to grasp the landscape

Why I no longer recommend Julia - Yuri

Yuri's conclusion after using Julia for many years is that there are too many correctness and composability bugs throughout the ecosystem to justify using it in just about any context where correctness matters.

Ryan Dahl's Thoughts on JavaScript Containers - Tinyclouds

How Ryan Dahl, maker of Deno and Node, think about JavaScript Containers and speculate about how this technology will unfold over the next couple years.

From Static to Interactive: Why Resumability is the Best Alternative to Hydration - Builder

Hydration is what happens when you add SSR/SSG as an afterthought to a front-end framework. A framework designed from the ground up for prerendering can avoid hydration and its performance penalty by serializing state on the server and resuming it on the client.


Dashboard UI Design: 14 Best Practices for Stakeholders - Adamfard

The importance of user experience is more emphasized than ever. As a result, the number and variety of dashboard UI tools is on the rise. These tools are used as an essential piece in any good customer experience strategy.

Storytelling in Dashboards - Susie Lu

When you're in explanatory mode, you already know the outcome and you can present the key points to your audience in a clear and delightful way.

Balanced Color Palettes - George Francis

A small but powerful technique perfect for crafting balanced color palettes in generative pieces.

Personas vs. Archetypes - NN/g

Archetypes and personas used for UX work contain similar insights, are based on similar kinds of data, and differ mainly in presentation. Personas are presented as a single human character, whereas archetypes are not tied to specific names or faces.

How Inclusive Are Your Designs? Use This Audit to Find Out - Indeed Design

This guide helps you go beyond usability heuristics to create equitable human-centered experiences


From 0 to $70B ARR: The AWS Profile - Product Growth Deep Dive - Aakash Gupta

what has been written about AWS’ history is hilariously wrong. TechCrunch and most other major publications write that AWS began in 2003 after Andy Jassy’s conceptualization of an ‘Internet OS.’ They then say the service itself was launched in 2006. Both “facts” are completely incorrect.

How to Help Your Employees Value Equity - Substack

Our natural tendency to discount future gains often means employees will prefer a slightly higher salary to a significantly larger ESOP grant.

I Made $5M Self-Publishing Books Online - The middle finger project

"Here are the 7 things I'd do differently if I were starting from scratch today." - Ash Ambirge

A Framework for Navigating Down Markets - A16z

In this post, we go through the diagnostic framework that we use when we sit down with founders: reevaluate your valuation, understand your burn multiples, and build scenario plans.

The Right Way to do a Competitor Analysis for a New Product Category - Medium

A guide for startup founders to do an objective & value based competitor analysis


Email subject lines - best practices, data and examples - Klaviyo

The first step to getting readers’ attention is creating a compelling email subject line.

How to win in consumer subscription - Lenny's Newsletter

Learnings from Noom, Duolingo, Grammarly, Calm, Spotify, Future, Flo, and others.

How To Be a Revenue Driven Marketer - Kudoz

A revenue driven-marketer works with data to prove the impact of marketing initiatives in attracting new leads, converting them into customers, and retaining their business.

How to seed your community: A content collection - Commonroom

It takes time, effort, resources, and thoughtfulness to launch a community and seed it with members who will become your founding community voices.

60 Experts Share their Number 1. Growth Hacking Tip - GuestCrew

It’s quite possible that you have one area of marketing and growth perfected. But what about the other areas you haven’t explored? Do you even know the full opportunities there are for hacking growth and finding market share in the industry?

Interesting Read

When Should You Actually Show Up to a Party? - The Atlantic

An interactive calculator—with help from a mathematician—that bypasses the confusion about what “fashionably late” means and tells you definitively when to arrive.

Who owns Einstein? The battle for the world’s most famous face - The Guardian

Thanks to a savvy California lawyer, Albert Einstein has earned far more posthumously than he ever did in his lifetime. But is that what the great scientist would have wanted?

The Neuroscience of Achieving Your Goals - Every

When it comes down to it, getting what you want out of life is just about setting and achieving goals. What you want to be able to do is call your shots: to pick a pocket on the pool table and sink the ball.

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SOCRUM - A Social Selling Tool

It scrapes the audience from social media & communities to help you send semi-automated hyper-personalized messages to generate 10x leads.


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