New White Paper! Overcoming Growing E/E Systems Complexity

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White Paper - Overcoming Growing E/E Systems Complexity in Small Companies
Overcoming Growing E/E Systems Complexity in Small Companies
In this white paper, read about the new age of complexity and specific challenges and recommendations for small and medium-sized business from Chad Jackson, lead Chief Analyst at Lifecycle Insights.

This paper guides smaller engineering and manufacturing companies in addressing the product development challenge and looks closely at the issues driving rising E/E complexity, assesses the need for more collaboration and coordination across suppliers and engineering teams, and analyzes the impact of cloud-based SaaS solutions.

In this white paper, you will find:

  • Discussion of what is causing rising E/E complexity and some unique challenges faced by small companies
  • How and why it is necessary to effectively enable collaboration tools
  • How to embrace a less manual approach
  • The importance of utilizing best practices and how today's engineering tools can enable this
  • Ways to free up engineers (who may already be taking on several different roles in small companies) by reducing the load on IT resources
  • Recommendations to meet rising complexity head-on
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