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Transactional Notifications Management System, Courier Raises $35 Million from GV

Courier, who's mission is to make software-to-human communication more delightful is making good on their promise to enable all developers to send better notifications. Having already received funding from Twilio Ventures, and the Slack fund, this adds another badge to their s...


Building and Sharing React SVG Icon Components

All modern-day applications use image assets. For example, an application may have a logo that uses one image in various colors and dimensions in several places. In such cases, developers isolate the logo in a separate component and provide customizations to its properties. Th...


Next.js Static Site Generation Practical Example

This article is part of an entire Next.js series of articles that I am putting together to help you become a Next.js pro and start building blazing-fast React apps. 💡 If you don't want to miss out on any of the tutorials, signup for my newsletter by clicking here or head over...

Igor Silveira

JavaScript Object Helpers for Everyday Use

As JavaScript developers, we have to work with Object every day. An object is a kind of part of our daily development work. From API response to database row, everything is represented as an object in JavaScript. In this article, I will share some day-to-day used object helpers....

Parvej Ahammad

What Is TypeScript in React and How To Use It? - Upmostly

TypeScript is a programming language that expands on traditional JavaScript. It sprinkles some new syntax on top of JS to support static typing....


React Labs: What We've Been Working On - June 2022 - React Blog

React 18 was years in the making, and with it brought valuable lessons for the React team. Its release was the result of many years of research and exploring many paths. Some of those paths were successful; many more were dead-ends that led to new insights....


Use esm-import-transformer for "isomorphic-ish" ECMAScript Modules

This is a small Node utility that uses Acorn to change the location of import specifier locations. This is useful when you want to use the same input source JavaScript code to run in both a server context and a client context, without making huge modifications to the code!...

Zach Leatherman

What Is CORS Policy Error in React App and How To Get Rid of It? - Upmostly

CORS actually stands for Cross-Origin Resource Sharing and is a mechanism that allows services to communicate with each other. You must have come across the infamous error that bothered almost every single person dabbling with web development. I came across it as well and was ...


Guide to Vue Props

Vue is a JavaScript framework that allows developers to create components that are used to divide the user interface into smaller pieces, rather than building the entire UI in a single file. When using components, we may want to pass data down from the parent component to the ...


Understanding Template Variables in Angular

Template variables are a way of labeling parts of the component template so that it may be referenced in other parts of the template. They work similarly to how a variable works in JavaScript, existing only in their defined scope, and capable of referencing several types of te...

JavaScript In Plain English

How to Create the Typewriter Animation Using JavaScript

In this blog, we will go over how to create the typewriter animation with JavaScript. Below you will find an animation of what we will be creating. Before we begin, we have to create an index.html file. I also created a styles.css file that included some basic styling....

JavaScript In Plain English

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