Digest #56: StackOverflow Under Attack 🚨

#56: StackOverflow Under Attack

Jason is now a managing director at Redpoint Ventures and has led one investment so far, backing a company called Alchemy that is focused on infrastructure and dev tools for web3. He describes himself as a “very average” programmer, but an excellent engineer, and explains how he parlayed his unique skill set into key roles at Heroku and GitHub.
How Coursera scales world class engineering operations to unlock developer productivity
The folks at Faros sat down with Mustafa Furniturewala, VP of Engineering at Coursera, to talk about all things developer productivity. Today, Coursera is known not only for democratizing access to a world-class education, but also for its elite software engineering brand. In this post, you'll learn how this elite organization manages its software engineering operations.
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"The end of localhost" - Dev environments should be cattle, not pets. It looks likely that in future, most development will not be done on localhost, the most precious pet of all - Read more »
"Stack under attack: what we learned about handling DDoS attacks" - When the bots came for us, we strengthened our defenses. Here's what StackOverflow learned about parrying a few DDoS attacks - Read more »
"How to set up Amazon RDS password rotation with Terraform" - It is a best practice to change passwords from time to time. In this post, you'll learn how to set up password rotation with a VPC and a Lambda function - Read more »
"Set up Kubernetes clusters in multiple clouds" - This series consists in total of four articles. This article describes the network concepts and how the three cloud providers, AWS, Azure and GCP, can be interconnected using VPN site-2-site tunnels - Read more »
"Federating Prometheus effectively" - Federation allows a Prometheus server to scrape selected time series from another Prometheus server. Prometheus federation can be used to scale to hundreds of clusters or to pull related metrics from one service’s Prometheus into another - Read more »
"Terraform best practices" - In this blog post, you'll discover eight terraform best practices. It will improve your terraform workflows immediately and make you feel more confident. When you use Terraform in your projects - Read more »
"Scaling container technologies at Coinbase with Kubernetes" - This post explains how and why Coinbase concluded that managed Kubernetes offerings can reduce their operational burden without compromising their security - Read more »
I enjoyed reading this book. As the author takes us through the chapters and describes her adventures and what she is learning on each new escapade, you start to understand the underlying issue that is at the heart of this book. We are causing the extinction of species that can never be replaced. For some species, their downfall is entirely at the hands of egocentric humans who showed little regard for other living beings!
Scout's always-on monitoring will keep you ahead of performance outliers and allow you to easily analyze increased response time. With intuitive dashboards that will help you drill down into specific endpoints, Scout will save you time and resources - Read more »
Dashy helps you organize your self-hosted services by making them accessible from a single place. It's a a self-hostable personal dashboard built for you. Includes status-checking, widgets, themes, icon packs, a UI editor and tons more! - Read more »
ChiselStrike provides everything you need to handle your backend, from the data layer to the business logic, allowing you to focus on what you care about – your code, rather than worrying about databases schemas, migrations, or even operations - Read more »
OpenFunction is a cloud-native open source FaaS (Function as a Service) platform aiming to let you focus on your business logic without having to maintain the underlying runtime environment and infrastructure. You only need to submit business-related source code in the form of functions - Read more »
promcheck is a tool to identify faulty Prometheus rules. It enables you to identify recording or alerting rules using missing metrics or wrong label matchers (e.g. because of exporter changes or human-errors) - Read more »
Create fully functional virtual Kubernetes clusters - Each vcluster runs inside a namespace of the underlying k8s cluster. It's cheaper than creating separate full-blown clusters and it offers better multi-tenancy and isolation than regular namespaces - Read more »
Site Reliability Engineer @Trustpilot
AWS, Docker, Go

🌎 Remote, Europe
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Site Reliability Engineer @Patreon
MySQL, Terraform, Ansible

🌎 Remote, USA
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DevOps Engineer @Lever
AWS, Docker, ElasticSearch

🌎 Remote, USA
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