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Ad-school students are all in on Web3
Morning Brew June 15, 2022

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In today’s edition:

—Ryan Barwick, Katie Hicks


Yes, advertising students are working on Web3

ad school student work related to Web3 Illustration: Francis Scialabba, Photos: Hannah Cruise, Claire Hentzen, Ryan Shih, Alaysha Mikell, Ira Birch, Dominik Hofacker

Even if the market isn’t taking Web3 too seriously (gulp), advertising students are.

Apparently, it felt like “every other” application to the ONE School, an online portfolio school for Black creatives, included a pitch about NFTs or the metaverse over the past two semesters, Oriel Davis-Lyons, the school’s founder, told Marketing Brew. The school typically gets more than 100 applications each semester.

“I think it shows that the next generation of creatives are already comfortable with incorporating this emerging tech into creative solutions. To them, it’s another channel to play in,” he said.

Big picture: Web3 concepts are the current idea du jour—it feels like every brand is either unveiling NFTs or looking for property in the metaverse. The next generation of advertisers (and their professors) know they need to pay attention.


Like any other campaign, creatives aren’t asked to actually code in the metaverse, just create concepts for it. “We kind of encourage them to learn the language, right? Learn as much of the language as you need to get by,” said Davis-Lyons.

“As long as businesses are using it, our students need to use it, too,” Andrew LeVasseur, professor of experience design at VCU Brandcenter, a master’s program for advertising, told us.

  • LeVasseur said Web3 lingo has “totally” sunk into the curriculum, including a class he teaches called “User Participation Platforms.”
  • In that class, students might be asked how a brand could show up in “decentralized and tokenized economies,” requiring them to pitch concepts centered around crypto, VR, and blockchain.
  • A prompt asking students to envision what the Olympics might look like over the next decade resulted in one team pitching “a personalized home-viewing experience using modular (tokenized) design systems and Augmented Reality,” LeVasseur explained.

Keep reading (and check out some of the student work) here.—RB



Good news about the cookie-free future


Third-party cookies, that is. (Your choco chips are safe, whew.)

With the move toward consumer privacy, brands need a way to reach and grow their audiences without relying on third-party cookie data. They need Brave.

Brave is the first global digital ad platform built for privacy. They’ve created a premium, brand-safe, opt-in ecosystem that lets consumers control their ad frequency and earn rewards while they browse.

Speaking of browsing, Brave’s 59m+ users enjoy lightning-fast browsing speed along with the highest level of privacy available.

Join the brands already succeeding with Brave—download the browser and learn more about private ads today.


A monumental release

the Empire State Building lit up with a Stranger Things marketing activation Stranger Things, Giant Spoon

In New York City, it’s not uncommon to see weird things while out. An alien on the subway? Sure. Someone walking their pet duck? Why not? Vecna opening a portal to the Upside Down through the Empire State Building? Sounds like a Thursday.

No, really: To mark the return of Stranger Things, Netflix helped create the Empire State Building’s first immersive show using light, sound, and projection. It was also part of Netflix’s largest campaign activation to date, marking the return of the show’s fourth season, running for two hours on May 26.

Using projectors, drones, buses, building lights, and custom animation overseen by the Duffer brothers themselves, creative agency Giant Spoon and Netflix pulled off an experience not just in Midtown, but around the world. So how did they do it?

If you can make a portal here, you can make it anywhere

“We’ve done things that are as cool and as ambitious before, but have I ever projected an original piece of content 500 vertical-feet in the air in New York City? No,” Monica Herman, VP and group creative director, experiential at Giant Spoon, told Marketing Brew.

Herman said Netflix approached Giant Spoon in September, giving more time than most activations. “I think that’s what allowed us to do something so spectacular and monumental,” she said.

  • Giant Spoon, which had previously worked with Netflix on promo for Waffles + Mochi and Outlaw King, created custom animations for the marketing stunt with the help of the Netflix VX team and the Duffer brothers, who created the series.

Getting those animations onto the Empire State Building required 46 projectors mounted to an adjacent building. The projection was accompanied by a tower lighting scheme made in collaboration with Marc Brickman, resident lighting designer at the Empire State Building, to “really [make] it feel 360° versus just one facade of the building,” Herman explained.

Continue reading and see photos here.—KH




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French press Francis Scialabba

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Stat: Annual metaverse-related spending across businesses and consumers could reach $5 trillion by 2030, according to a McKinsey report.

Read: “Google says it bans gun ads. It actually makes money from them.” (ProPublica)

Look: This thrift-store Steve Jobs ’fit. C’mon.


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Written by Ryan Barwick and Katie Hicks

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