Want more matches? Post a picture of yourself knitting. Also, Snapchat and Discord are getting premium subscriptions.

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Big players

Facebook is changing its algorithm to take on TikTok, leaked memo reveals

Elon Musk tells Twitter employees he wants to be involved in product

Snap is working on a paid subscription called Snapchat Plus

Reddit Talk Live Bar Being Rolled Out for the Web

Discord is expanding premium memberships, which allow creators to charge fans to access their private communities. I’m part of a private paid Discord server, but I have to pay via Gumroad. Being able to handle payment and membership via Discord will make things a bit easier for the member, but it will be a big improvement for the administrators of the server.

Twitter Shares New Research into the Effectiveness of its Offensive Reply Warnings
Showing the warning resulted in:
- 69 tweets were sent without revision
- 9 tweets were not sent
- 22 were revised
So efforts to nudge users into behaving less toxicly on social networks are not completely useless.


The next big social platform is the smartphone’s homescreen

VersusGame Raises $25M in Series A Funding. It seems to be a mix of TikTok and prediction markets.

Clash, the short-form video app, announced a new feature called Huddles that lets creators interact directly with fans through group chats.

The Jan. 6 Committee hearings are driving a surge in Truth Social downloads

Big players

Meta’s entire VR toolkit is now public. The release coincides with the debut of the company’s first mixed-reality game, “The World Beyond.”

Report: Meta to Release First AR Glasses to Developers Only & Not Consumers

Meta is launching a digital clothing store where you can purchase outfits for your avatar

Big players

Dating app says niche hobbies and interests are booming. “Bumble Shoots will be free of charge and offer daters the opportunity to be captured doing the activity they enjoy the most - whether that be striking an intricate yoga pose or pulling tricks on a skateboard.” I can’t find any reference to this anywhere. I guess there will be an announcement later?

Cut off from Tinder and Grindr, Pakistani singles turn to Facebook


How this startup is helping corporate hustlers find partners with AI-enabled matrimony app. Western dating apps are somewhat inadequate in India because you can’t usually filter based on what is important for many locals, such as caste, alma mater, income, and statuses related to religion or superstition, such as whether someone is a Manglik. This app is basically an OkCupid adapted to India, and includes additional services typically unrelated to most dating apps such as marriage loans (Indian weddings are very expensive). Localized dating apps have of course a lot of potential outside of religion: in China, it’s the norm for women to be very vocal about their expectations of the financial situation of their dates. Because of this, many Chinese dating apps offer the ability to filter users based on thing such as income, number of apartments, cars, etc.

Woman behind unique dating app wants to empower fellow immigrants in Ireland

Social commerce
Big players

eBay is launching an interactive live shopping platform


Influencer shopping app LTK adds creator product reviews in its latest update

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