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June 22, 2022

Gaming laptops are better than ever before—you know, they’re not massive anymore! But still, gaming laptops come with major downsides. And due to the rise of cloud gaming and the Steam Deck, a laptop may not be your best option for portable PC gaming.

Check our top story to learn all the pros and cons of gaming laptops, plus some alternatives that could offer a similar experience at a much lower price.

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TODAY'S TOP STORY Should You Buy a Gaming Laptop?

We’ve finally reached a point where gaming laptops don’t suck. They’re relatively compact, quieter than a PlayStation, and often have amazing screens. But gaming laptops still have some major drawbacks, and due to the rise of cloud gaming and the Steam Deck, they’re no longer the only option for portable PC gaming. Read More »

Satechi 165W USB-C 4-Port PD GaN Charger Review: Small, But Mighty

Ensuring all of your devices are charged and ready can be a challenge, especially when you must mess with multiple cables and charge blocks. The Satechi 165W USB-C 4-Port PD GaN Charger features a single cable and fast charging speed. Read More »

The 5 Best Guitar and Bass Wall Mounts

Guitar and bass wall mounts are great for clearing up your floor space and displaying your favorite instruments. But it can be hard to know which guitar mounts are actually safe. So, we’ve rounded up the best of the best. Read More »

Mark Zuckerberg Shows Off Prototype VR Headsets for a Distant Future

We already know Meta (previously Facebook) plans to release its latest Meta Quest Pro VR headset later this year. In the meantime, CEO Mark Zuckerberg is giving the world a rare look at several neat prototypes the company is busy testing out. Read More »

LEGO Brings Back Two Iconic Theme Sets In Giant Glorious Fashion

In celebration of 90 years of LEGO, your favorite brick-building company has released some iconic theme sets that are bigger than ever. We’re talking about a remake of the original 1979 Galaxy Explorer spaceship and a huge 4,514-piece medieval castle. Read More »

STUFF WE LIKE Get Your Bake On With These Tiny Whisks
Get Your Bake On With These Tiny Whisks

Let’s be honest, most whisks are too big. And a big whisk is fine when you’re trying to scramble a bunch of eggs and mix cake batter by hand. But it becomes a pain when you want to whisk something in a small bowl. That’s with YouTube favorite Babish comes in, with his trademark tiny whisks. These are much smaller than the average whisk and so perfect for the jobs where you need a more delicate touch—lest you fling flour all over the kitchen. Again. This two-pack comes in two sizes and should fit all your needs, from whisking eggs to mixing flour.

Get it at Amazon →

Philips Hue Launches a New Smart Dimmer, Unveils Its First Portable Light

Signify just introduced a flurry of new Philips Hue products to help existing customers flesh out their smart home. There’s a Tap Dial Switch for intuitive lighting control, the first Philips Hue battery-powered lamp, new Perifo track lighting, and some upgraded lighting fixtures. Read More »

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT 5 Biggest Problems with EVs

The electric vehicle market has been on a roll lately and showing no signs of slowing down. We have stunning cars and rugged electric trucks. And while most EVs are stylish, fast, powerful, and offer the latest luxury features, it’s not all good news. Read More »

V-Moda’s New Headphones Double as a Bluetooth Speaker

Today, the popular headphone maker V-Moda unveiled its first all-wireless headphones, but that’s not all these have to offer. The new V-Moda S-80 series is stylish and customizable with replaceable colorful side panels, and they also double as a Bluetooth speaker. Read More »

The 30 Best Offline Games for iPhone and iPad

Before we jump, though, we must note that many of the games on our list need internet access at least once. You’ll need Wi-Fi to download the app, then to open it once and ensure the game downloads any assets, updates, or connects to Game Center. You’ll want to do this at home or somewhere with internet access before you head to the airport or out of cell range. Read More »

Why Mullvad VPN Won’t Accept New Subscriptions

The best VPN services follow strict no-logging policies, meaning that they don’t collect or monitor your browsing activity. But simply signing up for a VPN can leave a paper trail, as the service needs to keep some information to maintain a monthly subscription. Now, Mullvad VPN says it will eliminate that concern by only accepting one-time payments. Read More »


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Prime Day Starts Early with Discounts on Smart TVs

We still have a few weeks until Prime Day 2022 starts on July 12th. But in the meantime, Amazon is offering major discounts on select smart TVs. Most of these discounts require a Prime account (or free trial), though some are available to all shoppers. Read More »




The Tumbleweed, An Icon Of The American West, Actually Hails From?
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Everything You Need to Camp in Luxury

Camping is a beautiful activity, especially when you’re camping in a scenic area with a great view of a lake or nearby mountains. The word ‘luxurious’ isn’t one that most people would tie to camping, but with a few key items, camping can be pretty dang luxurious. Read More »

10 Samsung Galaxy Features You Should Be Using

Samsung Galaxy phones are notorious for having tons of features—whether you like it or not. That means there’s a very good chance there are some nifty things you don’t know about. Let’s fix that. Read More »


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