JavaScript Kicks - JSK Weekly - June 22, 2022

Everyone likes something new and shiny, don't they? Well, Syncfusion have summarised "What’s New in 2022 Volume 1: Essential JS 2" this week, check it out!

Other popular stories include "Creating e-commerce stores with Astro and Snipcart in minutes", "Debouncing in React – How to Delay a JS Function" and "6 Most Useful TypeScript Utility Types"

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How to Integrate Faster with Components

Key takeaways: Components can be used to own the representation of entities in the architecture, allowing others to use them when integra...


What’s New in 2022 Volume 1: Essential JS 2

The Syncfusion Essential JS 2 UI controls library is the only suite you will ever need to build an application. It contains over 65 high-...


Alternatives to installing npm packages globally

There are two ways in which npm packages can be installed: Locally, into a node_modules directory that npm searches for (or creates) in t...

Axel Rauschmayer

Why Microservices Should use Event Sourcing

Microservices play a vital role when migrating from monolithic applications. They help improve applications' scalability, manageability, ...


Creating e-commerce stores with Astro and Snipcart in minutes

Astro Snipcart is a free and open source ecommerce Astro integration that is built on top of the Snipcart platform. Create an e-commerce ...


Next.js Static Site Generation Practical Example

This article is part of an entire Next.js series of articles that I am putting together to help you become a Next.js pro and start buildi...

Igor Silveira

How to Become a Front End Developer - Front End Web Dev Skills

Some of the highest-paid professionals in the world are front-end developers. They use their knowledge and talents to design appealing an...

The many definitions of Server-Side Rendering

Frameworks. What is a framework, even? "Solid start to this blog post, Zach-you're doing great." What is a JavaScript Framework, even? "C...

Zach Leatherman


Asynchronous JavaScript - Callbacks, Promises, and Async/Await Explained

If you've been learning JavaScript for a while now, then you've probably heard the term "asynchronous" before. This is because JavaScript...

Emy 🦄⛅

How to Create the Typewriter Animation Using JavaScript

In this blog, we will go over how to create the typewriter animation with JavaScript. Below you will find an animation of what we will be...

JavaScript In Plain English

JavaScript Object Helpers for Everyday Use

As JavaScript developers, we have to work with Object every day. An object is a kind of part of our daily development work. From API resp...

Parvej Ahammad

How to Add or Remove Days from JavaScript Dates

Adding or removing date types from date in vanilla JavaScript. JavaScript date manipulation can be very important when you are working on...



Fix the Cannot Find Name 'require' Error in TypeScript

To fix the "cannot find name 'require'" error in TypeScript, install the @types/node package into your project by running npm i -D @types...

JavaScript In Plain English

6 Most Useful TypeScript Utility Types

I have been working with TypeScript for almost a year now, and I have learned and implemented a lot in this time. Among the things, I enj...

Sachin Chaurasiya 👨🏻‍💻

What Is TypeScript in React and How To Use It? - Upmostly

TypeScript is a programming language that expands on traditional JavaScript. It sprinkles some new syntax on top of JS to support static ...



Retrying HTTP Requests a Fixed Number of Times With a Delay in Angular

Retrying an HTTP request with a delay or retrying an HTTP request a fixed number of times without any delay is quite simple and RXJS prov...

Ramya Balasubramanian

Understanding Template Variables in Angular

Template variables are a way of labeling parts of the component template so that it may be referenced in other parts of the template. The...

JavaScript In Plain English


Building and Sharing React SVG Icon Components

All modern-day applications use image assets. For example, an application may have a logo that uses one image in various colors and dimen...


React Labs: What We've Been Working On - June 2022 - React Blog

React 18 was years in the making, and with it brought valuable lessons for the React team. Its release was the result of many years of re...


Create Reusable React Components The Right Way

Quick question: You've just built the world's coolest FormField for the company newsletter, and your next assignment is helping out anoth...

JavaScript In Plain English

React Native Animated for Beginners

Degrees/Radians-Rotation Similarly to colors you can interpolate to degrees or radians. This is how you would write animated values for r...

Code Daily

What Is CORS Policy Error in React App and How To Get Rid of It? - Upmostly

CORS actually stands for Cross-Origin Resource Sharing and is a mechanism that allows services to communicate with each other. You must h...


How To Deploy React App on GitHub Pages? - Upmostly

GitHub pages is a fantastic way to quickly deploy your page so that you could share its URL with other users. Many people tend to deploy ...



Guide to Vue Props

Vue is a JavaScript framework that allows developers to create components that are used to divide the user interface into smaller pieces,...



Node Js MySQL CSV File Upload REST API Tutorial

Sometimes you manage your data in the CSV files; in a CSV (comma-separated values) file, data is kept in rows format; every row has speci...

Digamber Singh

How to Delete Data from MySQL Database using Node Js

Node js delete data from MySQL database tutorial; Throughout this guide, you will ascertain how to remove records from MySQL database fro...

Digamber Singh

Libraries and Tools

3 Lerna Alternatives for Building a JS Component Library

A component library is a collection of UI components that you'd want to use for a project. They would all make sense to be used together,...


Functional Programming

Pure Functions and Side Effects In JavaScript - Common Interview Questions

Functions are the bread and butter of JavaScript programming. It gives us a way to structure larger programs by reducing the repetition o...

Yagnik Kardani

Higher Order Functions in JavaScript - Beginner's Guide

In JavaScript, functions are treated as first-class citizens. We can treat functions as values and assign them to another variable, pass ...

Debouncing in React - How to Delay a JS Function

There are some heavy tasks in software development. Take calling an API, for example. Suppose we have an API that searches a list of user...

Nishant singh

Until next week!

Bob, Robert, Miro, Branko and Boris

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