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The new range of demands on L&D teams over the last two and a half years is clear as day. We’re in the spotlight more than ever as organizations look to meet current challenges and anticipate future needs.

But do we really need to come up with brand new initiatives to fulfil these demands? The answer is no. Leveraging new technologies and adapting to new ways of working is, of course, essential. But at the same time, we shouldn’t turn our backs on the fundamentals. Our core principles of delivering great learning experiences—our basics—remain the same.

Whether you’re new to the field, or you're a senior practitioner with decades of experience, we all have some level of understanding on how to build engaging training courses, the ins and outs of being a learning business partner, and how to create effective learning environments—we don’t need to start from scratch. So, sit back, relax, and take in these new L&D resources instead.

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L&D Plus Technology: How Getting Back to Basics Helps Publicis Groupe Connect Learners Around the World

Expectations of L&D leaders have never been higher. In turbulent times, we’re here to set the right learning strategy, support teams to stay engaged and motivated, and anticipate tomorrow’s skill needs. If this has you feeling stressed, don’t worry: Carol Sinko of Publicis Groupe is here in our latest episode of the L&D Plus podcast with some advice on how to get back to basics. Step 1? Know your content inside out. 

We’re so basic


Senior Learning and Development Specialist Salary Breakdown: Who Earns More (and Why)


Want to become a senior learning and development specialist? Or maybe you already are one and you want to benchmark your salary against your peers? Check out our salary breakdown for this role and understand what characteristics those who earn on the higher end ($100k and more) have in common. If you’re looking to advance into this role, we’ve got some top tips on what to do to orient your professional development in this direction.

Dollar bill


Empathy-Focused L&D: Quantum Health’s 5 Steps to Being a Successful Learning Business Partner

How can you scale learning for new hires to match the pace of your organization’s growth? And is it possible to design streamlined and straightforward training that is not only empathetic but also creates a complete learning journey? Quantum Health’s Maria Gentile-Feay answers these crucial questions and shares her five-step approach to being a successful learning business partner—a discussion not to be missed!

Strive to thrive


Why Do Nearly a Quarter of Survey Respondents Want to Leave L&D?


In every role, in every industry, people have their bad days. Sometimes, these bad days can lead people to start daydreaming about making a change. But what does it say about the L&D industry when nearly a quarter of respondents from our latest survey want to leave the profession altogether? Here, we dig into the numbers and assess the reasons why people might want to quit.

Is this goodbye?


Here’s Everything You Need to Know to Create a Collaborative Virtual Learning Environment

The shift to hybrid working has revolutionized the way we interact, work, and learn. So, how can L&D leaders design learning experiences to make learners sit up and pay attention at home and in the office? The answer lies in adopting a collaborative virtual learning approach. Here, we explore what collaborative virtual learning is, identify tools and techniques that can help you execute it, and offer guidance on strategies to engage your remote employees.

Together for virtually ever


How to Create a WordPress Crash Course

Are you interested in creating a WordPress crash course for your employees? If so, you’re not alone! Building WordPress-themed courses might take some investment, but one that is certainly worth your time. Here, we explore the benefits and steps involved in creating a WordPress crash course and why teaching it through an LMS is the way to go.

The need for speed

And that’s it from me this week!  💛,


Joei from 360Learning

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