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The Battery and Paper Story

There’s a biodegradable battery that is printed on paper, and it could potentially reduce your light bill. 

Did that sentence make sense to you? Well, doesn’t matter if it didn’t. Because it’s true. 

The battery was invented by scientists at NTU Singapore. They say it could be used to power flexible electronic devices, such as folding phones. 


  • The battery is made of cellulose paper reinforced with hydrogel and with two metal electrodes screen-printed on either side. 
  • Altogether, it’s only 0.4 mm thick (the width of two human hairs). 
  • One 4cm x 4cm battery can power a small table fan for 45mins. 
  • You can bend or twist it or even cut-off pieces, but it will still keep working. 

When the battery runs out, you can bury it in soil, where it completely decomposes within one month. The cellulose rots away while the metal in the electrodes oxidises into non-toxic minerals. 

Why do we need this? 

  • Global demand for batteries is rising fast as the transition to clean energy gathers pace. And if batteries are not recycled or disposed of correctly, they could lead to huge environmental hazards and endanger human and animal life. Today, less than 5% of consumer rechargeable batteries are recycled.
  • Inflation and fuel costs are rising. Gadgets running on electricity will increase gas and light bills. A paper batter that can be used for even short-term purposes can reduce those bills. 

What's more?

This isn’t even the first eco-friendly battery to be revealed this year. Back in March, a team from the University of Texas at Dallas created a high-powered, environmentally safer lithium-sulphur battery.

The metallic element in these batteries - called molybdenum – thinner than the silk of a spider web – creates greater power density, making lithium-sulphur batteries more commercially viable.

Search for Bravery

Go bravely where no big tech has gone before. 

That’s what the Brave search engine is all about. 

It’s an engine that gives everyone online a privacy-protecting, unbiased alternative to Google and Bing, and to providers—such as DuckDuckGo — that claim to be private but rely on Big Tech to run.

In the modern world the idea of detaching yourself from Google seems rather farfetched. So here’s how Brave meets the enormous challenge of building a search index—and the ranking algorithm—without collecting user data.

  • The Web Discovery Project: A privacy-preserving way for users to anonymously contribute browsing data.
  • Fallback mixing: An anonymous way for Brave to check Google in cases where their index isn’t complete, and “mix” the results for you.
  • Anonymous local results: A way to serve localized search results (e.g. for the query “restaurants near me”) without knowing your physical location or IP address.

What’s more?

You can also create or apply custom filters that change the way results are ranked using the “Goggles” feature. This could potentially help uncover sources you might not find right away on Google. (Image above)

Users can give Goggles a whirl and find posts from smaller blogs while filtering out posts from the 1,000 most-viewed sites on the web.

An Unparalleled Growth Story

In the one year of its existence the search engine has grown faster than any search provider since Bing.

  • 2.5 billion queries in the past 365 days
  • A high of 14.1 million queries per day
  • 5 billion queries annualized

For comparison, it took Google more than a year to reach 2.5 billion queries, and DuckDuckGo more than 4 years.

Gasifying Wand

What if you could turn your house waste into electricity? 

Sierra Energy, launched in 2004, has created a magic wand that vaporises your garbage and turns into fuel without actually burning it. 

How it works: 

  • You start with feeding garbage into the vessel.
  • Then, inject oxygen and steam into the vessel's base, catalyzing exothermic (meaning energy-releasing) chemical reactions in the rubbish. That generates extreme heat, reducing the amount of outside power needed to keep the process going.
  • As the waste keeps getting hotter, it breaks down, and turns into a char that interacts with the oxygen and steam to create fuel substitute.  
The beauty of this system is that the gasifier runs on energy in the waste itself. So it won't increase your electricity bill. 

The U.S. Department of Defense helped fund Sierra's technology for the first time in 2009. And since 2020, a quarter-acre-size operation at the army training center in Jolon, California has been gasifying 10 tons of trash and producing about 40 gallons of diesel fuel a day or generating about 250 kilowatts of electricity per hour.

Buffet at Shopify

Shopify is launching a battery of tools to make shopping social and convenient for customers and merchants.  

From local shopping to NFT-exclusive perks — there are some 100 new features in all. It’s a Vegas-style buffet. 

Here are some of the newbies on the block

  • B2B on Shopify: This tool is meant to make it easier to automate payment process, especially for small retailers who sell to big businesses, and potentially grow their B2B revenue.
  • Tokengated commerce: This is a way to reward true fans and VIPs, by giving NFT holders exclusive access to products, perks, and experiences, by linking crypto wallets to Shopify online stores. 
  • Shopify on iPhone: Shopify is using Apple’s tap to pay features to make it easy for a merchant to enable in-person payments with just an iPhone —no dongle or terminal required. 
  • Local Shopify: Shopify inventory will now appear on Google. When customers are looking for a specific product on Shopify or Google, they will be able to see if the product (powered by a Shopify retailer) is available to pick up locally in a physical store.

Shorts ⏳
Private Chanel - Chanel is opening special private stores exclusively for those spending a bomb on its products.  

Porn Detecting Helmet - Chinese researches have developed a helmet that scans brain-waves to detect porn consumption

Nobel Selling for Peace - Russian Nobel Peace Prize winner, Dmitry Muratov, auctioned his medal for over $103 million to help Ukrainian children.

Letters to Move - Here's a complete copy of letter that Google sent its employees allowing them to relocate to states with abortion rights. 

Such is Inflation - A Chinese property developer seeking to attract buyers is counting wheat and garlic towards down payments on homes.

Half-way to Recession - Chances of global recession are nearing 50% - according to Citigroup researchers.

Debt to be Healthy - 41% of American adults carry medical debt, according to research from Kaiser Health News and NPR.

Stash Recommends: Tools to Explore
ƛ LambdaTestA continuous quality testing cloud platform that provides secure, scalable and insightful test orchestration for developers in the DevOps cycle.

🛡GuardaA multiplatform, custody-free bitcoin wallet with a simple user interface for storing, managing, transferring, and receiving digital assets.

🐋 MobyA useful NFT tracking tool with the fastest real-time NFT statistics and feeds.

🎃 Crunchzilla: An enjoyable online course provider for kids and adults to explore programming, coding, and build and learn.

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