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ISSUE 130  July 1st 2022




Welcome to the 130th issue! 👋

This week, I stumbled upon a series of articles by Mark Hrynczak on How Atlassian does QA.

Here's one of the excerpts I found interesting:

We evolved this over time by keeping the ratio of testers:developers low – not because of resource constraints, but to force the “whole team” mentality when it comes to quality.

This immediately reminded me of this wonderful resource — How They Test by Abhijeet Vaikar.

It's the third time I mention it here, and for a good reason! Check for yourself.

Happy testing!

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Dev-QA Relationship

When you're a tester, collaborating with other team members is crucial. Snehal Salunke shares eight powerful ideas that can improve your relationship with developers.

Also, wondering whether Software Testing is easier than Software Development? Andrea Mendoza gives some clues.  Permalink


Don’t ask "Why did the tester miss that bug?"

If something has gone wrong we need to look at the process and not blame the individual.

Mike Harris quotes the legendary Dr W. Edwards Deming to explain this common misconception.

Gil Zilberfeld also wrote a great complimentary read to that, asking: Where do bugs come from?  Permalink


Our Android testing process

If you're looking for an example of implementing a test strategy in a real project, here's how John Qualls and Greg Rami created a successful one for Android in their organisation.  Permalink


The power of emotion-driven testing

You shouldn't underestimate the power of emotions when it comes to testing. Inspired by Fifty Quick Ideas To Improve Your Tests book, Melissa Fisher listed several paths that you can use in your application.  Permalink




7 Major Trends in Front End Web Testing

If you're wondering what it takes to test front-end apps, here's an amazing, comprehensive overview by Andrew Knight.  Permalink


How Deep Should Your Automated Test Cases Go?

Dennis Martinez shares a great example of how to approach test automation in a smart way by choosing the right paths to test on different levels.  Permalink


How to make low code work long term

Low-code tools have a reputation for making it very easy to start with but a nightmare to maintain. Mike Fitzmaurice gives a few pieces of advice on how you can potentially avoid the bad outcomes over the long term.

...or maybe we can just use Github Copilot for test automation?  Permalink


Resiliency Testing Automation Approach for Distributed/Decentralized/Blockchain Applications

If you work with a distributed system (be it microservices or blockchain), it's important to test the scenarios when part of that system fails. Here's a solid article about it by Abhishek Jain.  Permalink




Cypress v10 Tips and Tricks

Cypress 10 was announced a few weeks ago and now Gleb Bahmutov. shares a great, example-based overview of using the new features.

And if you want to learn more, Waris Jamal wrote a solid guide to Handling Multi-Domain or Cross-Origin in Cypress.  Permalink


Cypress vs Selenium — Which Is Better?

Thimmaraju G put together a thorough overview of Cypress and Selenium, explaining the comparison between the two.

Similarly, Zhimin Zhan shared a good Cypress vs Selenium WebDriver Comparison by Example.

Note: If you can't access the full article, simply open it in a private tab.  Permalink


Our end-to-end testing journey from Selenium to Cypress

Shifting from one test framework to another can be challenging. Rodrigo Tolledo shows their journey of moving from Selenium to Cypress and explains the opportunities and risks involved.  Permalink


What is Playwright? Cross-browser automation library for end-to-end testing

I've featured several getting-started tutorials to Playwright over the past two years but some of them stand out. Like this one by Sear Cheulong.  Permalink




7 Habits of Highly Effective People applied to Testing

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is a classic book on self-development. I've read it a few years ago and I must admit Gareth Waterhouse found some great references to testing in it.  Permalink




How Do You Test an API Manually?

In this 10-minute video, Pramod Dutta explains a few good techniques that you can use to test APIs without automation.  Permalink




Testing in production... 😂



Thanks for reading!

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