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Today's big stories

  1. Tesla’s deliveries fell short of expectations last quarter
  2. There are still a few stocks and sectors worth investing in as we approach earnings season – Read Now
  3. Germany posted its first trade deficit in over 30 years in May

Asleep At The Wheel

Asleep At The Wheel

What’s Going On Here?

Tesla announced over the weekend that it delivered far fewer cars than analysts were expecting last quarter.

What Does This Mean?

You might’ve been so wrapped up in Elon and Twitter’s will they, won’t they that you forgot about Tesla, the billionaire’s other little venture. Let’s catch you up: a shortage of parts and the pandemic-linked shutdown of the company’s Shanghai plant – which produced around half its total output last year – limited the number of EVs it could deliver last quarter. And sure, it still shipped nearly 255,000 of them – 27% more than it did the same time last year. But that was well below estimates, which analysts had already revised down in light of China’s lockdowns. Tesla has now delivered 564,000 this year, but it’ll need to get cracking if it has any hope of meeting its full-year target of 1.5 million. Challenge accepted: June saw Tesla produce the most EVs it’s ever produced in a single month.

Why Should I Care?

The bigger picture: What goes up…
Bank of America is expecting annual EV sales in the US to hit 3.2 million by 2025, up from 400,000 last year. But it also thinks Tesla’s position as the US market leader is finally under threat. The bank suspects a barrage of new EV releases from other carmakers means Tesla’s market share will dwindle from 70% today to 11% by 2025, and that GM and Ford will lead the US market with 15% each (tweet this).

For you personally: Tesla isn’t just an EV maker.
Tesla's stock might’ve lost $350 billion in market value this year, but it’s still outperformed both of the aforementioned rivals. That might be because its exposure to cutting-edge tech – like robotics and more efficient solar roof tiles – means investors are buying into more than just EVs. And since some analysts think its stock will be 50% higher in 12 months’ time, its recent dropoff might make now prime time to buy in yourself.

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Analyst Take

After A Quarter Like That, Are There Any Stocks Worth Investing In?

After A Quarter Like That, Are There Any Stocks Worth Investing In?
Photo of Carl Hazeley

Carl Hazeley, Analyst

What a quarter it’s been: record high inflation, rising interest rates, a bear market, ongoing geopolitical tensions, a crypto crash, and plenty more besides.

So what a relief that we’re finally saying sayonara to the quarter, and hello to earnings season.

Not that this is a promising one: analysts are expecting US stocks to post second-quarter profits that are 4.3% higher than the same time last year – the smallest uptick since the end of 2020.

But there is still growth to be found, if you know where to look.

So that’s today’s Insight: the companies and sectors that stand to do the best out of earnings season.

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Trading Places

Trading Places

What’s Going On Here?

Data out on Monday showed that Germany posted its first trade deficit since 1991 in May.

What Does This Mean?

Germany is renowned for its strong export economy, but a few factors are starting to chip away at that reputation. First, lockdowns in China caused demand from the East to crater. Second, Germany’s exports to Russia in May were less than half what they were at the same time last year, given all the war-related sanctions and disruptions. And third, the price growth of German imports – primarily energy and raw materials – completely overshadowed that of exports in May. That helped drive the total value of exports down 0.5% from the month before, even as imports climbed 2.7% – creating a deficit of around $1 billion.

Why Should I Care?

The bigger picture: Another day, another recession prediction.
Economists are expecting this deficit to hang around, with demand staying muted amid the global economic slowdown. Actually, they’re worried it might get even worse, with Russia at risk of cutting natural gas supplies yet again. That could push entire industries like aluminum, glass, and chemical production into collapse, denting Germany’s economic output and putting millions of jobs at risk. Economists, then, are predicting that the German economy will shrink this quarter, and probably even enter a recession later this year.

Zooming out: Turkey doubles down.
If Germany has problems, there isn’t a word for what Turkey has: data out on Monday showed that the country’s inflation rate hit nearly 80% last month. Its government is sticking to its guns on low interest rates, refusing to accept the widely accepted truism that hiking rates limits inflation. And the country has just poured fuel on the flames: it raised its minimum wage again last week, giving consumers more disposable income they can use to push prices even higher.

You might also like: When will the recession hit?

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💬 Quote of the day

“Independence is happiness.”

– Susan B. Anthony (an American social reformer and women's rights activist)
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