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July 8, 2022

Happy Friday, Roca Riders. We need you to settle a Roca office debate: What is the best month of the year? Office answers ranged from October and May to June and "can we please stop talking about this I'm trying to work?" So please settle it in today's poll ⁠— feel free to break out your "I voted" stickers after. 

In today's edition:

  • New dinosaur drop
  • Youngest Medal of Freedom recipient
  • 20 Questions
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 Key Stories

Amazon Takes Stake in GrubHub

Amazon acquired an up-to-15% stake in GrubHub, the US’ 3rd-largest food delivery service

  • The deal, which includes a 2% stake plus an additional 13% depending on sales, allows Amazon Prime members to get a free 1-year “GrubHub+” membership, which includes free delivery
  • JET, a European company, acquired GrubHub in 2021 for $7.3B. JET’s stock has since fallen 70%, and some shareholders blame GrubHub’s poor performance
  • Amazon shut down its own food delivery service, Amazon Restaurants, in 2019. Some see this deal as an attempt to re-enter the food delivery business
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  • DoorDash dominates the food-delivery market with a 59% market share, while Uber Eats trails at 24%. GrubHub is 3rd at 13%, although its market share has slightly declined in recent years

Former Japanese PM Assassinated

Shinzo Abe, a former prime minister of Japan, was assassinated on Friday in the southern city of Nara

EU Confronts Airline Emissions

EU lawmakers approved a proposal requiring airlines to use more “green” jet fuels beginning in 2025

  • Airlines account for ~3% of global carbon emissions. The approved proposal would require airlines to blend 2% sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) into their jet fuel (kerosene) by 2025, and 85% by 2050. Existing standards require 63% by 2050
  • SAFs include a range of fuels that produce fewer carbon emissions than typical kerosene
  • SAF sources include renewable resources, hydrogen, and recycled waste
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  • President Biden has called for a similar plan for the US. His proposal would use mandates and taxes to reach 10% "green" jet fuel in the US airline industry by 2030 and 100% by 2050 

Boris Johnson Resigns

UK PM Boris Johnson announced his resignation. Johnson, a member of the Conservative Party, has been prime minister since 2019

  • In the last week, 50+ politicians and ministers quit his government amid a series of scandals
  • Beginning in late 2021, Johnson was accused of hosting and attending parties in violation of lockdown policies. Last month, he was accused of giving a politician a senior position despite knowing of sexual misconduct allegations against him
  • Johnson intends to serve as PM until a successor is chosen, which may not be until the fall

New T. Rex-Like Dinosaur Discovered

Argentinian paleontologists have identified a new T. rex-esque dinosaur called Meraxes gigas

  • The discovery, based on fossils found in southern Argentina in 2012, suggests Meraxes was 36 ft (11 m) long and weighed ~4 tons. It lived ~95M years ago, ~20M years before the T. rex
  • Despite coming from a different evolutionary tree than the T. rex, Meraxes also had short forearms. That suggests that short arms provided apex predators with hunting or mating benefits
  • Meraxes is the 3rd known dinosaur species that stood on 2 legs, had the distinctive short arms, and ate meat
Dig Deeper
  • The new species is named after a dragon in George R.R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire." The news comes as a T. rex relative heads to auction in New York with an expected sale value of up to $8M
popcorn Popcorn
  • RIP, Sonny: Famous actor James Caan, who starred in The Godfather, Elf, and Misery, died on Wednesday. He was 82
  • ANOTHER medal: Star US gymnast Simone Biles became the youngest person ever to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom
  • Hold this L, Narcos: Mexico seized over a half-ton of fentanyl. One official called it the "largest seizure in history of this lethal drug"

  • A Canadian swimmer says she was drugged on the final night of a world swimming championship in Hungary, leaving her with a concussion
  • Nemo, you've changed: Scientists found a see-through "Jell-O fish" living 2,723 ft below the surface off the coast of Alaska 
  • Musk go on: A court filing showed Elon Musk has 2 more kids than previously known – bringing the total to 9. He says he's fighting Earth's "underpopulation crisis"

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Today's Poll:
Settle the debate: Which is the best month?


Today's Question:

Just 20 Qs!

Reply to this email with your answers!

 20 Questions

Every Friday, we ask the Roca readers 20 questions, then feature our favorite answers the following week. 

"I'm gonna give him 20 Questions he can't refuse" - The Godfather

It is that time of week again, folks. It is time for us to ask the questions and you to give the answers.. 

Last week, we did a Ratings Edition (answers below). This week, we are doing the original version. We ask 20 questions, you answer as many as you want. 

We can't wait to hear what you have to say. Send answers to (that link contains a pre-filled email with the questions). Let's ride!

1. Who is a good, realistic presidential candidate?
2. Is there a rockstar today under 30? If so, who?
3. The country you'd most like to visit?
4. A country you wouldn't like to visit?
5. Coolest celebrity sighting?
6. Are you pro or anti energy drink?
7. Favorite fast casual restaurant?
8. Do you still take Covid precautions?
9. You rocking with Applebee's?!
10. Why do people smoke cigarettes?
11. Do you like bumper stickers?
12. Favorite all-time bumper sticker?
13. Word that people think you mispronounce?
14. Funniest animated Disney movie?
15. Most heartwarming Disney movie?
16. Drink 1 oz of hand sanitizer or walk across a floor of Legos?
17. Thoughts on summer camps?
18. Animal you're terrified of seeing in the wild?
19. Person you're terrified of seeing in the wild?
20. Describe your weekend plans in one word

Have a GREAT weekend!

Last Week's Responses

1. Red, white, and blue popsicles

2. Water hose on jet mode

3. Water hose on mist mode

4. O'Reilly Auto Parts jingle

5. Home Depot smell

6. Gasoline smell

7. PB&J

8. Gushers

9. Fruit roll ups

10. Dua Lipa

11. ABBA

12. Nirvana

13. Glass coffee tables

14. Wooden Coffee tables

15. Clorox wipes

16. Wordle

17. Sudoku

18. Guests who don't use coasters for a cold drink

19. Juuls

20. Freedom

 Roca Clubhouse

Yesterday's Poll:

Are you worried at all about Monkeypox? 
Yes: 7.8%
No: 92.2%

Yesterday's Question:

Favorite reality TV show of all time? Explain.

Sadie from Florida: "The best show ever was LOST. I don’t care how it ended, it was perfect. This show you could not miss. There was no falling asleep and catching up later. You had to stay in the game, start to finish."

Bert from Georgia: "I used to love Extreme Makeover-Home Edition. That is, until I volunteered for it. The actual cast does very little work. And they rarely make appearances during the build. Just minutes at a time to film a scene. I don't watch any reality shows now. If I want to watch a reality show show I'll watch a documentary!"

Emily from Boise: "Survivor! It’s not just finding food, building shelter, staying warm - it’s all about the social politics and deception!"
Today's Clue (Day 3 of 3):

While no Dove of Peace, his efforts were not in vane. Oh howe the wind blows
Day 1: You always remember your first
Day 2: 'Wrap' me Thomas like a wagon wheel

Prizes include $250 for 1st place and $100 for 2nd and 3rd place!

Each newsletter this week contains a clue about a landmark in the United States. Thursday's newsletter contained a bonus clue, which was automatically unlocked by 2 referrals to this newsletter. In total there are 4 clues about 1 landmark.

You get one guess, which you submit by replying to a newsletter with a Google street view screenshot.

 Final Thoughts

We'd like to wish a happy Friday to all, particularly the thousands of new readers who subscribed to RocaNews this week. Thank you to all. You can expect to feel the benefits of unbiased and non-political news in 7 to 10 days. 

Have great weekends! 

-Max & Max

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