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Invest In The Boba Tea Robots At The Center Of 128% Market Growth

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A trend that started in Taiwan in 1980 is about to get bigger, faster, thanks to robotics.

People are obsessed with boba – you know, that cold, sweet milk tea with the little chewy orbs of tapioca starch floating inside?

It hit places like New York and California like a tidal wave. Then Florida and Texas. Then Illinois and Louisiana. At this point, around 94% of consumers aged 20 to 29 have purchased “bubble tea” in a period of three months.

That shows in the market size, currently $1.9 billion and expected to hit $4.3 billion by 2028. 

In other words, the boba market expects 128% growth. And a company called Bobacino could capture the whole thing with their fully-automated boba bar.
Invest In Bobacino

Why Bubble Tea Vendors Want Bobacino

The real problem solved by Bobacino exists in almost every food market you see today: when you factor labor, real estate, ingredients, and more, the operation gets expensive. 

Your average bubble tea establishment barely survives on a 4.9% margin, even if they charge a whopping $5 for a cup of boba.

With Bobacino, vendors can drastically cut labor and real estate costs for 31% margins. Yes, that’s 6X higher margins than traditional vendors.

On top of that, these kiosks are small and super-scalable, so they can set up shop virtually anywhere at a moment’s notice. 

It’s no wonder Bobacino’s targeting $52 million in revenue by 2025. 

Invest In Bobacino

Why Become a Bobacino Shareholder?

🥤Bubbling Market

128% market growth is no joke. People are starting to enjoy boba more as an everyday amenity than some rare, exotic experience.

🥤Solves A Real Problem

Boba vendors need an affordable solution to help them scale and meet this massive demand surge. Bobacino offers them a way to do that. 

🥤Scalable Product

Since it’s compact and labor-free, vendors adopting Bobacino’s robotic bubble tea bar have the power to reach an exponentially larger range of consumers than ever before. 

Invest in Bobacino to give your portfolio a boba boost
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