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Hi Reader

Today I a new free ebook for you!

2 weeks ago I launched the new home of my free ebooks, The Valley of Code.

At the launch I started with 10 books.

Today I'm happy to add a new updated one to the collection: the Svelte Handbook.

You can freely read it online and you can download it as PDF, Ebook or Kindle.

It's not really a new book as the first edition I did is from 2019 but now after spending some time on it to keep it relevant I released the 2022 edition so I'm 100% sure it's up to date with the Svelte of 2022 and I can safely recommend it to anyone learning Svelte. 

I've got a long list of books I want to write in the near future, stay tuned!

Is there one in particular you'd like me to write?


REMINDER for my next events:

NOVEMBER 2022: I'll be launching a brand new JAVASCRIPT COURSE, sign up to the waiting list to get your special launch discount! This course will move you from zero/beginner/intermediate into a real JS PRO!

JANUARY 2023: I'll start the cohort 2023 of the Web Development BOOTCAMP. This is where you'll get ready for your first job as a Web Developer. NEW YEAR, NEW YOU! 🎉


On the blog I'm going on with my tiny tutorials:


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