Sheryl Sandberg is out at Meta, and Zuckerberg’s not looking for a new COO

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By Haje Jan Kamps

Tuesday, August 02, 2022

The SEC leapt in this week, charging 11 people associated with Forsage, which the government watchdog says was running a pyramid scheme. I’m not one to embrace drama, but I also can’t wait for some of these stories to show up as Netflix documentary series. This particular case seems like a bit of a dumpster fyre. — Haje


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Startups and VC

“It was life-changing: I went into my local store, found my way to the garden center, looked at the selection and chose one. I went to the register and paid, and then I drove home. I was glowing for days. It was the best big box experience of my life,” quips Ron about his $5 spray nozzle purchase, revealing he’s so over customer experience surveys.

Apropos customer experience, Kyle reports that Sprig, a startup offering tools for user and software product research, today announced that it raised $30 million. It brings the company’s total raised to $90 million.

When beautiful art is available at the press of a button, what does that mean to artists? Haje wonders in an article where he includes 30+ AI-rendered pictures of Batman. If you’ve never seen Batman as cookie monster, you’re missing out.

According to Redpoint managing director Annie Kadavy, there will be fewer total companies started in the next year than there were in the last two. And, somewhat counterintuitively, the investor thinks that the looming slowdown is “a great thing.” Redpoint just raised another $650 million to invest in “tech’s riskiest founders,” Natasha M reports.

More startup universe:

Getting acquired is a legitimate strategy for building your business

The difference in probability between selling a startup or taking it public is an order of magnitude. The odds of your company being acquired are ten times greater than the likelihood of your CEO ringing the opening bell at the NYSE.

And yet, startup culture encourages participants to believe that they’re on a path to an IPO, regardless of their sector, says Yair Snir, VP and managing director of Dell Technologies Capital.

“In my experience, many founders are more motivated by the potential for impact. For these kinds of founders, my advice is to always consider acquisition as an option,” he says. “It might not be obvious at first, but an acquisition can be your best path to massive scale.”

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Getting acquired is a legitimate strategy for building your business image

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Big Tech Inc.

The $300 Link is a 4K webcam with a half-inch sensor. The system uses AI to automatically adjust its positioning and keep the user centered in-frame. Think of it a bit like Apple’s Center Stage software, coupled with hardware, Brian reports in his closer look at Insta360’s gimbal-mounted 4K webcam.

A few more nuggets of Big Tech Wisdom:

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