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Going back to basics to build a strong Web3 foundation
Going back to basics to build a strong Web3 foundation
Web3 is an undeniable force that will transform the economy.
This Week in Web3, we continue to see projects – both Web3 and Web2 – going back (or getting reminded to go back) to the basics of security, efficiency and business sustainability:
Ethereum gets ready for the Merge with the goal of processing “100,000 transactions per second”:
Solana gets hit by wallets exploitation:
DeFi & Crypto:
From Web2 to Web3. Especially, Web2 businesses are building upon their strong fundamentals to experiment with Web3 (i.e. NFTs) to stay relevant:
✨ Latest Jobs
Join the teams building the future of Web3
Thor Financial is hiring a Project Manager
Alaeris is hiring a Sr. Blockchain Engineer
Klark Agency is hiring a Community Manager for NFT project
RoboVault is hiring a Marketing and Content Manager
P2P is hiring a Senior Legal Counsel
Aleo is hiring an Illustrator / Animator
Burency Global is hiring a Business Development – NFT Specialist
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CryptoJobs | This Week in Web3
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