DevOps Bulletin - Digest #63: A Feature Not A Bug 🐞

#63: A Feature Not A Bug

Hillery Hunter, CTO of IBM Cloud, discusses why removing ego and emotions when asking leaders for their opinion is extremely important. Hillery’s career path from being an individual contributor to CTO at IBM, and the benefits of intimately knowing your strengths and weaknesses 💭
Understanding AWS Lambda scaling and throughput
When designing your application, especially for high load, it helps to understand how Lambda handles scaling and throughput. This post shows you how concurrency and transactions per second work within the Lambda lifecycle. It also covers ways to measure, control, and optimize them.
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"Getting started with ephemeral containers" - If you’re following the latest news on Kubernetes, you probably would have heard about Ephemeral Containers. Not sure? Fear not! This blog post we shed some light on this new feature soon to be stable in Kubernetes v1.25 - Read more »
"GitHub experiences malware attack infecting 35k repositories" - Thousands of GitHub repositories were copied with their clones altered to include malware, a software engineer discovered yesterday - Read more »
"Kubernetes network policies: an actionable guide" - In this guide, you’ll learn about Kubernetes Network Policies, including what they do, why they’re needed, and how to configure and work with them effectively - Read more »
"The best ways to save money on Lambda" - Few tips on how to reduce your costs while building apps based on Lambda functions: including memory fine tuning, ARM architecture usage, provisioned concurrency, etc - Read more »
"Key takeaways from the DynamoDB Paper" - Really interesting stuff in there, both from a technical perspective and a user needs perspective. Great supplement to the 2007 Dynamo Paper - Read more »
"Sending spammers to Password Purgatory" - If you want to punish spammers with Microsoft Power Automate and Cloudflare Workers KV, then this post is for you! - Read more »
"Keep resources secure with AWS CloudFormation Hooks" - A new AWS CloudFormation feature that lets customers run code before creating, updating, or deleting a resource. The result of the code can be either to trigger a warning message, or prevent the deployment of a resource - Read more »
"Lessons from deploying Deep Learning to production" - Best practices for efficiently training and deploying production-level deep learning models so you don’t have to learn them the hard way - Read more »
Think Like a CTO is full of step-by-step guidance for succeeding as a Chief Technology Officer. The Author has mentored numerous CTOs who have been catapulted into the big leagues by private equity investment, acquisition, and rapid growth. In this book, he shares his hard-won lessons on how to survive and thrive in the fast-paced role 🚀
Generate an IAM policy from AWS calls using client-side monitoring (CSM) or embedded proxy - Read more »
Pixie is an open-source observability tool for Kubernetes applications. Use Pixie to view the high-level state of your cluster (service maps, cluster resources, application traffic) and also drill down into more detailed views (pod state, flame graphs, individual full-body application requests) - Read more »
This framework allows software engineering managers to have meaningful conversations with their direct reports around the expectations of each position and how to plan for the next level in their career ladder - Read more »
This repository consists of GitHub Actions jobs for OpenVPN and WireGuard VPN servers which traverse NAT, making possible to establish VPN connection to the Actions worker machine directly, without any additional tunnel, third-party service, or port forwarding software - Read more »
OmniEdge is an Open source p2p layer 2 VPN infrastructure based on n2n protocol, a traditional VPN alternative. No central server, easy to scale with less maintenance. What happens in intranet, stays in in intranet - Read more »
Engineering Database Reliability @Zapier
AWS, MySQL, Terraform

🌎 Remote, Americas
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DevOps/Infrastructure Engineer @Beeper
AWS, Docker, Terraform

🌎 Remote, anywhere
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DevOps Manager @1Password
AWS, Docker, Terraform

🌎 Remote, Americas
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Hand-picked DevOps opportunities to work from home, remotely, freelance, full-time, part-time, contract and internships - Read more »
It's not a bug, it's a feature 😅
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