University acceptance rates by college and program


University acceptance rates by college and program

SQL Database Querying Aggregation Functions

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Suppose you're given the tables below showing information for various college programs, as well as student applications for those programs. Note that 'college_name_program_id' is a unique identifier for the college/program combination, and 1 indicates a student was accepted in the 'accepted' field in the 'student_apps' table.

Table: college_info

college_name_program_id college_name college_program
00001 University A Engineering
00002 University A Business
00003 University A Mathematics
00004 University B Engineering
00005 University B Business
00006 University B Mathematics
00007 University C Engineering
00008 University C Business
00009 University C Mathematics

Table: student_apps

student_id college_name_program_id accepted
31331 00001 0
34583 00001 1
23455 00002 0
23454 00005 1
22337 00007 1
00112 00009 0
12332 00004 1
99123 00003 1
87903 00002 0
23547 00002 1
66543 00003 0
34554 00001 1

Using the tables above, write a SQL query to return the total number of students accepted as well as the acceptance rate (number accepted over number applied) by each college as well as the total number accepted by each program (agnostic of the college the program is under).

You can view/query this table in an interactive SQL fiddle here.


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