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Implementing Route Protection in Angular using CanActivate

In any complex web application, it is necessary to have some sort of authentication to restrict certain users from accessing specific, unauthorized pages. For example, in an online shopping platform, a customer should not be able to access an administrator’s page....


How to Create Instagram Filters with React and CSS

The CSS filter property provides graphical effects such as blurring or color change in the rendering before the element is displayed. Apps such as Instagram offer editing options with many predefined filters and the option to create one by ourselves....


5 Ways To Write Clean JavaScript Code

Writing clean code enhances application maintainability and increases developer productivity. In this article, I'll go through several approaches to writing clean code. Variables and functions with descriptive names help readers grasp your code without delving into specifics. ...


Detecting Rendered Line Breaks In A Text Node In JavaScript

At work, I've been building a way to generate "placeholder" images using a fragment of the DOM (Document Object Model). And, up until now, I've been using the .measureText() method, available on the Canvas 2D rendering context, to programmatically wrap lines-of-text onto a ele...

Ben Nadel

5 Very Useful Tricks for theTypeScript Typeof Operator

Welcome to the Mastering TypeScript series. This series will introduce the core knowledge and techniques of TypeScript in the form of animations. Let's learn together! Previous articles are as follows: In JavaScript, you can get the type of a variable through the typeof operat...


React Lazy Loading Router using React Router DOM v6 Tutorial

Lazy loading is a technique that enables us to load a specific component when a particular route is accessed. It exponentially enhances the load time and the loading speed. At the same time, it increases the react application performance....

Digamber Singh

A Practical Way to Manage Page State in a React App

There are many state management libraries in React, such as Redux, Rematch, Recoil, and of course, you can use React context to manage page state. These are all very useful, but there is a problem - when we refresh the page, the page state will be lost, and the page state will...

JavaScript In Plain English

How to set up a GraphQL server with Node.js & Express - Upmostly

In this article, we'll have a walkthrough of the entire process of setting up a GraphQL server using Node.js & Express. We'll be using Express' middleware library, express-graphql, in order to assist us with that process....


4 Quick Fixes for the "Cannot Read Property 'length' of Undefined" Error in JavaScript

Are you experiencing the "cannot read property 'length' of undefined" error in JavaScript? This error occurs when you attempt to access the length property from a variable that has a value of undefined....

Coding Beauty

How to setup GraphQL in your React Application - Upmostly

In this article we'll be looking over how we can implement GraphQL in our React Application with the help of Apollo. There are a lot of ways to integrate GraphQL in our React apps, but I do really prefer Apollo over any other alternative....


Custom Pipes in Angular - The Ultimate Guide

Pipes in Angular are functions used in component template expressions to transform values into another display format. Angular has several built-in pipes, such as the date pipe, the async pipe, and others. But, if these pipes don't cover our needs, we can create our own....

Vasileios Kagklis

Generator Functions in JavaScript: A Simple Guide

General JavaScript functions can't be interrupted in the middle of function execution, that is, there is no interruption from the time the function is invoked until function execution completes. When we want to execute functions which can be interrupted or which can execute af...

Shaurya Kalia

Create a Random-Color Generator Using JavaScript

If you're new to JavaScript, you have probably learned a lot about how the data types, logic, functions, etc. work. This is good; to use JS in more-complicated projects someday, you need to start with the fundamentals. However, depending on your attention span, you may soon st...

JavaScript In Plain English

The Different Ways of Iterating Over an Array in JavaScript

In this article, we will be seeing the different ways of iterating over an array and will also be covering how it differs from the others. Hope you guys have a clear understanding of arrays. But before entering into the main section let me recall the basics of an array....

Naveenkumar M

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