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This week's issue features articles about why React re-renders and the road to React Native Release 0.70.0.

Tune in to this week's video message from the editor-in-chief, Jon Major Condon to hear all about the latest in React Native!

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This week's top picks

Why React Re-Renders
React Native Releases: Road to 0.70.0
Sunsetting the Web UI for Expo CLI
Extract parameter types from string literal types with TypeScript

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NFT Market

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RNR 244 - Rewriting GasBuddy in React Native

We have two guests on the podcast this week! Max Metral from GasBuddy, and our very own Mark Rickert, who has joined us a few times before. In this episode the crew discusses the exciting adventure of rebuilding the popular GasBuddy app in React Native.

RNR 245 - Shopify's FlashList with Talha Naqvi

Talha Naqvi from Shopify comes on React Native Radio to talk about the hot new FlashList and why it’s a drop-in replacement for FlatList in most cases.
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