Watch Out for Brushing Scams, Which Send You Random Packages

Did You Know?:

When glass cracks it seems almost instantaneous thanks to the speed at which glass shatters–cracks form in glass at a staggering 3200 meters per second.

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September 7, 2022

Did You Know?

When glass cracks it seems almost instantaneous thanks to the speed at which glass shatters–cracks form in glass at a staggering 3200 meters per second.

📆 Dawn of Techtober

Happy Wednesday! Apple will announce the iPhone 14 series (and likely other devices) today. You can watch the event live as it happens, or just wait for tomorrow’s newsletter.

October, or “Techtober” as it’s often known as in the tech world, is quickly piling up with events. Google just confirmed it will fully reveal the Pixel 7 next month, and Meta (formerly Facebook) will also hold an event for VR hardware and software around the same time. Qualcomm also just announced new mid-range smartphone chips, which should start appearing in budget Android phones over the coming months.

– Corbin

TODAY'S TOP STORY Brushing Scams: Here’s Why You’re Getting Random Packages

Across the United States and other countries, millions of people are surprised to receive packages they never ordered. In most cases, the source is a scam called “brushing.” Here’s why you’re getting free loot. Read More »

Get Everything You Need To Stay Hydrated On-The-Go With LMNT

LMNT is a tasty electrolyte drink mix with everything you need and nothing you don’t. It’s perfect for busy people on-the-go and works for anyone – even if you’re on a keto, low-carb, or paleo diet. Order now and get a free gift with your purchase! Try LMNT Today

More Ring Cameras & Doorbells Now Have End-To-End Encryption

Amazon-owned Ring has been the subject of many privacy and security issues, especially with people besides the home owner accessing video footage. End-to-end encryption is supposed to solve that, and now it’s available on more Ring security cameras and video doorbells. Read More »

STUFF WE LIKE Save $20 on a Year of Spotify Premium
Save $20 on a Year of Spotify Premium

So many people use Spotify nowadays, and if you’re one of them, you probably don’t think much about the monthly subscription charge. However, if you buy a 12-month Spotify subscription gift card up front, you can save $20 on that subscription!

There aren’t any catches or anything, either, simply pick up the card od Amazon, redeem it on Spotify, and you’ll have a premium subscription for a year.

Which Galaxy Watches Work With the iPhone?

As great as smartwatches are, there’s one big thing you have to consider—which smartphones they’re compatible with. The Apple Watch works with the iPhone, of course, but what about Samsung Galaxy Watches? Is that an option? Read More »

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT The Dream of In-Display Fingerprint Scanners Is Dead

Under-display fingerprint scanners were supposed to be great. Just put your finger on the touch screen like you would anyway, and a built-in sensor unlocks the phone. That was the dream, but in reality, they’re worse than the alternatives. Read More »

Xbox’s Elite 2 Core Controller is Cheaper and Still Premium

If you can afford them, Xbox’s Elite controllers are an excellent upgrade from the standard Xbox controllers, due to their many pro-gamer-focused additions. The only problem with them is their price. If you can’t throw almost $200 at a controller, maybe this new Core model would be better for you. Read More »

Qualcomm’s New Chips Will Speed Up Budget Android Phones

Getting a good, cheap Android phone can be complicated. There are many aspects that you need to consider, but one of the most important ones is performance. Qualcomm wants to make that decision easier, as its newest entry-level chipsets seek to make upcoming budget phones faster than ever. Read More »

What Are LiFePO4 Batteries, and When Should You Choose Them?

Lithium-ion batteries are in almost every gadget you own. From smartphones to electric cars, these batteries have changed the world. Yet, lithium-ion batteries have a sizable list of drawbacks that makes lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) a better choice. Read More »

This Mechanical Keyboard Has LEGO Attachments

A mechanical keyboard can be a great addition to your desktop PC. They can be endlessly customizable, with different boards and key switches, especially this new LEGO-compatible keyboard. Read More »

The Best Gaming Monitors of 2022

There is no one-size-fits-all gaming monitor. Some people look for the highest refresh rates for an edge in competitive gaming, others want to bask in high-fidelity visuals. Let’s break down the best monitors for every gamer. Read More »

Will a High Refresh Rate Monitor Make You a Better Gamer?

High refresh rate gaming is more accessible than ever before and brings some tangible benefits to multiplayer titles. But are these benefits game-changing, and will they improve your performance? Read More »

Apple’s iPhone 14 Event: How to Watch and What to Expect

Apple has now confirmed its next event will take place on September 7, where we’ll likely see the iPhone 14 series for the first time. Here’s how to watch it live, and what we can expect Apple to reveal. Read More »

Parallels Desktop 18 Review: Run Windows 11 on an M1 or M2 Mac

Since Apple switched to making its own in-house ARM processors (M1 and M2), getting Windows running on a Mac hasn’t been so straightforward. Fortunately, Parallels Desktop 18 makes running the latest version of Microsoft’s OS easier than ever. Read More »


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How to Save $20 With a Spotify Premium Annual Subscription

Spotify has four Premium plans to choose from, but they’re all monthly subscriptions. The individual Premium plan costs $9.99 per month, which works out to $120 per year. We’ll show you a trick to get a cheaper annual plan. Read More »




The Design of Apple's FireWire Cable Was Influenced By What Unlikely Source?
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Turtle Shells »
Porcelain Insulator Bells »
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Why You Want Mesh Wi-Fi, Even If You Just Need One Router

If you’re not looking to blanket a large home with Wi-Fi, you might not have even considered going with a mesh platform. Here’s why we think you should. Read More »


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The Google Pixel 7 Will Be Fully Revealed in October

The Pixel 6a was Google’s last big smartphone launch, but if you were awaiting the company’s next flagships, you won’t be waiting much longer. The next “Made by Google” event finally has a date, so get your calendars, and wallets, ready. Read More »

10 Awesome Xbox Series X|S Features You Should Be Using

Have you finally gotten your hands on an Xbox Series X or S? There’s a lot packed into this Microsoft gaming console, so let’s take a look at the features that will help you make the most of all your new console has to offer. Read More »

Meta Will Reveal a New Quest VR Headset in October

Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook, sells the popular Meta Quest VR headsets, which used to be called Oculus Quest. Meta has now set a date for its next big VR event. Read More »

10 Great iPhone Features You Should Be Using

There’s a lot to love about the iPhone, and it can be overwhelming at times. Apple’s smartphone includes thousands of handy features tucked away in places you might never discover unless someone told you about them. With that in mind, we’ve picked out ten great features every iPhone owner should be using—newbies and veterans alike. Read More »

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