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GeekWire Mid-Week Update

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Mark Cuban looks to turn the tables on Amazon in prescription drugs: ‘Their margin is my opportunity’
Amazon built an e-commerce empire by cutting prices for customers, surviving for years on the mere promise of future profits for investors.
Amazon battles ‘Lord of the Rings’ trolls by pausing ability to review new Prime Video series
The characters in Amazon’s “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” are busy enough fighting trolls and Orcs and other creatures of Middle-earth.
Why it’s so tough for labor unions to organize Amazon Prime drivers
Tooling around town in dark blue Prime uniforms and vans, many of the drivers who deliver packages for Amazon might look like employees of the e-commerce giant.
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Redfin CEO gets into real estate reality TV with spot on new Netflix show ‘Buy My House’
As CEO of Seattle-based real estate company Redfin, Glenn Kelman knows plenty about the realities of the housing market in the United States.
Seattle startup Picnic partners with Domino’s to test pizza-assembly machine
Picnic, a Seattle-based automation startup, is partnering with Domino’s to test its pizza-assembly machine in a functioning Domino’s store in Berlin, Germany.
‘You never know who’s on the other side’: Amateur radio enthusiasts use old-school tech to connect
When was the last time a total stranger, or even an acquaintance, gave you three minutes — three whole minutes — to share whatever was on your mind?
Mount Rainier is NOT erupting: Agencies relieve pressure on Twitter after video of cloud on volcano
Well, that got blown out of proportion. A video of a cloud forming over Mount Rainier on Wednesday morning elicited cries of the coming apocalypse, or worse, an end to the Seattle Mariners’ playoff hopes.
NASA scrubs second try to launch moon rocket due to persistent hydrogen leak
NASA called off today’s attempt to launch its Space Launch System rocket due to a hydrogen leak encountered during the process of fueling up the core stage.
Feeling like a Lazy Camper? Seattle startup delivers the necessary rental gear to get families outdoors
Cat Sherbourne loved camping with her family when she was young, but as she got older, she realized the logistics of making such a trip happen weren’t all that simple.
For Apple and other companies, satellites plus cellphones add up to a new frontier
Today’s big reveal from Cupertino adds Apple to the list of companies aiming to combine the power of satellite communications with the power of everyday cellphones — a list that includes other tech heavyweights such as T-Mobile and SpaceX, Amazon and Verizon, OneWeb and AT&T.
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