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Can there be testers in Scrum?

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ISSUE 136  September 11th 2022




Welcome to the 136th issue!

Today, I want to belatedly celebrate International Tester's Day which was on September 9th.

On that day 75 years ago, the world's first computer bug was found... quite literally!

And while some wonder whether software testing is a "dying trade" — look, we're still here!

So I want to tell you one thing — you can be proud to be a software tester.

Happy testing, everyone! 🎉

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Can There Be Testers in Scrum?

Scrum doesn't provide an official definition of a software tester role. So how can testers fit in? Federico Toledo provides a great explanation.

Moreover, you might want to learn from Kavitha Rajagopal about the differences in Waterfall Vs Agile Testing Approach.  Permalink


Future of tester role

Aaron Flynn shares his thoughts on how the tester role is evolving and what it will become in the future given the current trends.

In relation to that, Maciej Rojek gives a few interesting examples of answering the question: What do QAs say when being asked what they do for a living?  Permalink


How do you do your testing?

Anne-Marie Charrett shares some good advice on how to change your thinking about testing to make it more effective.

Also, you might want to read about How to be a good manual tester.  Permalink


It’s Not a Bug, It’s a Feature — Communication Challenges Faced by Developers and Testers

Wondering how you can effectively communicate bugs to your team members? Małgorzata Zielińska mentions a few scenarios and shares tips on how to do it right.  Permalink


The Importance of Test Users

Kristin Jackvony explains how having test users in your application can help you increase test coverage in both manual and automated testing.

A good follow-up read to that is Venkat Ramakrishnan's article on how testers can help in Managing User Expectations.  Permalink


Working on Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Last week, I featured a discussion on Reddit regarding the imposter syndrome in QA. This week, I found this practical advice shared by Markus Gärtner.

It might also help you if you're worried product release will get you fired.  Permalink




Begin your Android automation testing using Appium, JUnit5, and Kotlin

If you want to get started with Android test automation, here's a handy step-by-step guide by Benjamin Laschkar to setting up and running Appium tests.  Permalink


Fault Injection Testing with API Gateway

Bobur Umurzokov wrote a detailed article on how using the fault injection technique can help you test your APIs and systems better, using Apache APISIX as an example.  Permalink


Testing, Integration Testing, and a Whole Lot in Between — Part II

In a series of articles, Yuval Shimon discusses a high-level overview of test layers and the practices that support them.

You can also read the first part here.  Permalink


We run regression because it makes us feel better — not because it adds any value

I liked this concise but important message from Melissa Fisher. It's a very good reminder not to forget about the why of testing.  Permalink




Are Automated Test Recording Tools Worth It?

There are plenty of recording tools that can follow your actions on a website and save them as test scripts. Dennis Martinez lists out the pros and cons of using them.

Furthermore, Paul Grizzaffi wrote a great article: Wait, Is Avoiding Low-Code An Automation Anti-Pattern?  Permalink


Advantages of XCUITest over Appium

If you want to write tests for iOS, usually you have a choice between the built-in XCUITest framework and Appium. Venkat Siva explains the differences. Also, here's the second part of the article.  Permalink


Cypress Studio is back in Cypress 10.7!

If you were disappointed by the decision to sunset Cypress Studio in version 10.0, you will be delighted to hear it's back in version 10.7!

Here's a handy guide by Lachlan Miller on how to use this feature to generate tests.  Permalink


Stop Using Gherkin as Scripting Language

Ever since BDD has become popular, people started misusing frameworks such as Cucumber solely for test automation. David Rodenas explains why it's a bad practice.

Note: If you can't access the full article, simply open it in a private tab.  Permalink




Looking for books and online courses for a newbie software tester like me

Many new software testers are looking for advice on resources to help them learn more. In this Reddit thread, you can find a good recommendation on what books to read.  Permalink




QA Mock Interview with Hiring Managers from Tech Companies

This is great! Evgeny Kim invited Adeel Mansoor and Chris Kenst — experienced QA managers — to talk about the hiring process and run a mocked interview with someone who's just at the beginning of their software testing journey.  Permalink




Ladybug... 🤣



Thanks for reading!

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