Get CCleaner Pro for $1, Save Big on Galaxy Z Fold 4, and More

September 14, 2022

Get CCleaner Pro for $1, Save on a Galaxy Z Fold 4, and More

How-To Geek Deals featuring CCleaner, Samsung, Corsair, PowerA, and JBL

It’s halfway through September, and we’ve got some stellar discounts lined up for you this week. Cash in an exclusive $1 deal on CCleaner Pro—a popular PC maintenance tool that’s been around for nearly two decades—save big on a brand new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 (yep, the newest one), and much more.

CCleaner Pro for $1 ($29.95 Value)

Download CCleaner Pro for $1

The longer you use your PC, the more gunked up it gets with temporary files, data caches, and other digital waste. Luckily, clearing out the clutter is both easy and affordable with CCleaner Pro, now just $1 ($29.95 value) for a limited time.

CCleaner Professional is a leading PC maintenance tool that’s been around since 2004. Our editors have covered it extensively over the years, from what it can do, to how you can leverage its features, and even why its latest update makes CCleaner more useful than ever.

While there is a free option, the Pro version—which can be yours today for just a single dollar—is even more adept at helping you wipe outdated clutter, reduce system crashes, and speed up performance so that your PC runs just as well as the first day you turned it on.

To claim your copy of CCleaner Pro for a dollar today, click the link below and enter your exclusive coupon code: EJA-RYM-JSI You only have a limited time to redeem this offer, so get it as soon as you can.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 For $1,599.99 ($200 Off)

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Product Image

The brand new Galaxy Z Fold 4 is arguably Samsung’s hottest, best folding phone ever, and you can pick one up right now for $200 off the usual retail price. This phone’s packing a sleek 6.2″ cover screen, and when you open it up, you’re greeted with a stunning 7.6″ folding display. Under the hood, you’re getting the latest Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chip, 12 GB of RAM, and 256 GB of storage.

There’s a lot more to know about the Galaxy Z Fold 4—way more than we can cover in a deals roundup—but you can read all the spicy details in our full overview. Then when you’re ready to pick up one of these mean machines for yourself, consider wrapping it in one of our editor-recommended cases.

Corsair K100 Wired Optical-Mechanical Keyboard For $179.99 ($70 Off)

Corsair K100 Wired Mechanical Keyboard Product Image

Corsair’s known for making solid mechanical keyboards, some of which have shown up in our buying guides from time to time. One such model, which received a “best overall” gaming keyboard recommendation from our editors, is the Corsair K100 wired mechanical keyboard, now down to $179.99 ($70 off). This keyboard is sporting optical-mechanical switches, RGB lighting, a magnetic detachable foam palm rest, and integrated Elgato Stream Deck Software for gamers.

PowerA FUSION Pro Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch For $79.99 ($20 Off)

PowerA FUSION Pro Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch Product Image

The Nintendo Switch is still one of the hottest consoles on the market today, but while the included Joy-Cons are great in handheld mode, using them to play on a big screen is a bit cumbersome. Upgrade your playing experience with a PowerA FUSION Pro Wireless Controller for $79.99 ($20 off). Constructed from premium materials, this controller features a full-size button layout with additional programmable paddles, built-in motion sensors for more granular control in supported games, and Bluetooth wireless connectivity so that you don’t need any extra wires to play.

JBL XTREME3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker For $299.99 ($80 Off)

JBL XTREME3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker sitting on the sand under a volleyball net

Just because summer’s almost over doesn’t mean there won’t be plenty of time to enjoy some jams outside. Bonfire nights, autumn picnics, spooky holiday events are just some of the places you’ll need a good background soundtrack to set the mood, and this JBL XTREME3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker for $299.99 ($80 off) can help you do it. This fella is IP67 waterproof and dustproof, it features up to 15 hours of playback on a single charge, and you can pair it with another JBL PartyBoost-compatible speaker for even bigger stereo sound.



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