Digest #69: Running GitHub Copilot in Terminal 😍

#69: Running GitHub Copilot in Terminal

“Instead of being given a roadmap of features, an empowered team is given a problem to solve and they get to figure out the best way to solve that problem". This episode, Marty explain the the importance of building the right product and shared the two inconvenient truths about that.
Kubernetes API access security hardening
Why Kubernetes API access control is important for Kubernetes security. In this article by Teleport, learn about seven best practices to secure Kubernetes API besides TLS, user management, authentication, and authorization.
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"http://http//HTTP://@HTTP://HTTP://?HTTP://#HTTP://" - Yes you read it right, that's a legitimate URL. This post shows how the URL is parsed and how to create such URLs - Read more »
"How the SQLite virtual machine works" - SQLite is unique among embedded databases in that it not only has a transactional, b-tree storage layer but it also includes a robust SQL execution engine. This post is diving into how SQLite parses, optimizes, & executes your SQL queries - Read more »
"Manage several AWS accounts simultaneously" - On the AWS Console, it’s challenging to display different AWS accounts at once, for example, to compare settings visually. As soon as another account credentials are loaded into the browser, the previous session is immediately suspended. Well, not anymore - Read more »
"It's always DNS... except when it's not" - The story of a seemingly simple issue that led into the hidden complexities of gRPC, DNS, and Kubernetes. Also, the post covers how the incident was resolved - Read more »
"Jenkins distributed cluster using dynamic build agents on GKE" - This article is based on how to set up a Jenkins distributed cluster in GKE with a master and build nodes running in Kubernetes cluster - Read more »
"For the love of god, stop using CPU limits on Kubernetes" - Many people think you need CPU limits on Kubernetes but this isn't true. In most cases, Kubernetes CPU limits do more harm than help - Read more »
"AWS S3 Sync: an extensive guide" - Learn all about AWS S3 sync - covering download, upload, synchronize buckets, file selection patterns, dry-run, and more - examples included - Read more »
"9 CI/CD metrics you should be monitoring" - With all automation comes the requirement to see what’s happening. That’s why it’s crucial to monitor your CI/CD pipeline, just like you would monitor production applications - Read more »
Being a physics enthusiast, I want to know more about the great minds that shaped this field into what it is today. Of course, this book was a no-brainer for me so I bought it as soon as I had the chance.
Feynman was quite a simple man, without the philosophycal-babble that sometimes comes with a genius. He puts everything so simple, so gracefully, that you wonder how it comes you couldn't figure it out by yourself (even if the subject is physics/chemistry/biology-related).
Aviator is a suite of tools to avoid broken builds, manage stacked PRs, simplify cumbersome merge processes and suppress flaky tests. Put your mundane, frustrating workflows on autopilot - Read more »
Hack to get Github Copilot working in the terminal with bash- So you got tired of AI just suggesting code edits, and now you want it to help you run code, too. Silly human, you have come to the right place. This will take five steps - Read more »
Query SQLite files in S3 using s3fs. This VFS enables reading databases from S3 using s3fs. This only supports reading operations, any operation that tries to modify the DB file is ignored - Read more »
version-checker is a Kubernetes utility for observing the current versions of images running in the cluster, as well as the latest available upstream. These checks get exposed as Prometheus metrics to be viewed on a dashboard, or soft alert cluster operators - Read more »
Software Engineer @Docker
AWS, Go, Docker

🌎 Remote, Europe
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Senior Engineering Manager @Webflow
AWS, Kubernetes, Python

🌎 Remote, Americas
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DevOps Engineering Manager @HackerRank
AWS, Docker, Kubernetes

🌎 Remote, India
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Hand-picked DevOps opportunities to work from home, remotely, freelance, full-time, part-time, contract and internships - Read more »
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