Can Cascadia become the world’s first sustainable mega-region?

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“Mother Nature’s not going to allow us any more time. We have got to get on this. And I’m very hopeful.”

That's the word from former Washington state governor Chris Gregoire (above), who led a conference this week which hosted business, governmental, and environmental leaders from Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia to plan the next steps in the quest to become the world's first sustainable mega-region. Gregoire joined us on the newest episode of the GeekWire Podcast to discuss key takeaways from the event, the difficult nature of the climate challenge, and some of the recent innovations and funding initiatives that make the group optimistic about achieving the Cascadia region’s long-term environmental goals. Listen and read our notes here.

Smartphone rules for kids: It’s a big moment for GeekWire co-founder John Cook and his family as they get ready to give their 12-year-old son a smartphone for the first time. John created a list of rules — screen time limits; purchases from devices must be pre-approved; etc. — but he’s looking for additional guidance from other parents who have been here before

Unique use of geotagging: Seattle band Death Cab for Cutie is tapping location technology and directing fans to visit venues it played at, whether they are still standing or not, to access a geotag that unlocks “Rand McNally.” It’s a 2022-style song drop from a band formed in 1997. Read more

“To keep myself busy, to get off the computer, to do something physically creative, I started to build this costume.” Brad Sarfield is a longtime Microsoft engineer who designed HawkMan, a mashup of Seahawks pride and superhero influence. Check it out.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend. — GeekWire managing editor Taylor Soper,

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