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Learn How To Create, Launch, And Grow A Successful Shopify App 
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Cart Drawer for Shopify Theme with Tailwind CSS
Follow along to learn how to build a Cart Drawer for Shopify Themes using Tailwind CSS
How To Create, Launch, And Grow A Successful Shopify App
Myself and my team have built a number of apps for the Shopify App Store over the past years that do over $100k in revenue per year collectively for 3000+ merchants. We’ve gone through the pains and learnings of what is needed to get started on the Shopify App Store and what it takes. We wish we had an initial guide/overview to prime us for what to expect, which is what prompted me to make this reading.
Made with Metafields (part 1)
While metafields are easy to understand, creating a metafield strategy and taking the time to deploy it effectively can be time consuming. That's where you come in. As a Shopify partner, you can help guide metafield strategy and / or put it into action.
SHOPIFY LIQUID: Theme Programming for Beginners
Shopify Liquid is the templating language of Shopify themes. You can think of Shopify liquid as the backend programming language of Shopify themes. Using liquid we can access data from within our store and present it to the user. We can also create options for the admins of the store to update the theme without having to touch the code of the theme - this is a very cool feature of Shopify themes!
New Requirements for Shopify Apps that Use Customer Personal Data
With data breaches and other types of fraud on the rise, we are also keenly aware that security is critical to building and operating an ecommerce business for merchants and developers alike. We are committed to building the safest commerce platform in the world, and as part of that effort, we are implementing updated requirements for apps that use customer personal data. With these updates, developers will have easier access to the data they need, quickly and at scale. Here's a detailed breakdown of what's changing.
Know someone ready to sell their Shopify store?
Get $5k every time you refer someone who sells their store. Plus, they'll get $5k on top of their purchase price from your referral link. Merchants choose OpenStore's speedy pricing process and cash payment upfront. They simply connect their Shopify store, answer 3 simple questions and get a price in 24hrs.

Code & Tools

Meet the top layer: a solution to z-index:10000
The top layer sits above its related document in the browser viewport, and each document has one associated top layer. This means that elements promoted to the top layer needn't worry about z-index or DOM hierarchy.
I just discovered how to get Shopify asset_url in Javascript
Shopify theme assets are the individual files that make up a shop’s theme. A theme’s assets include templates, images, stylesheets, and extra snippets of code. Unfortunately! Shopify doesn’t offer somehow to get these assets using JS script, so today I am going to show you a trick I discovered to get these assets using JS script.
Dawn + TailWindCSS + Prettier Shopify Starter Theme
Dawn + TailWindCSS + Prettier Shopify Starter Theme is the Trellis Shopify team’s starting point for new theme projects. It’s an extension of Shopify Dawn including up-to-date best practices, ease of development enhancements, and the option of adding extended features of sections that we’ve found as common asks from our clients.
SVG icons, by the makers of Tailwind CSS
Beautiful hand-crafted SVG icons, by the makers of Tailwind CSS. The quickest way to use these icons is to simply copy the source for the icon you need from and inline it directly into your HTML


Shopify App Store

Update your app listing
New fields have been added to the app listing in preperation for the updated app listing page. All developers must complete the updated form by November 1
Updates to app categorization
App categories are getting simplified for better merchant discovery. Starting in November, you’ll be able to categorize your own app.


Use a server to build custom storefronts with authenticated access for the Storefront API
You can now use authenticated access to make Storefront API requests from a server (for example, from a Hydrogen server). Using authenticated access enables more throughput for your server than using a public token, and enables Shopify's bot protection features to work more effectively.
Updates required for embedded apps to work on the new Shopify admin domain
The Shopify admin is moving to a new domain: Embedded apps should migrate to App Bridge 3.0 as soon as possible to ensure the best merchant experience in this new domain. The following requirements must be met for embedded apps to load in Until these requirements are met, merchants will be forced to redirect to the old admin domain to use the app.
Unpublished locales can now be added to a MarketWebPresence
As of 2022-10 the marketWebPresenceUpdate endpoint now supports adding unpublished locales as alternateLocales.
Destroy delegate access tokens through the GraphQL Admin API
As of ** 2023-01 ** version on the Admin GraphQL schema, you can use the DelegateAccessTokenDestroy mutation to delete the delegate tokens created by the API client. For app architectures that use delegate tokens from multiple subsystems, this makes it easy to remove those delegate tokens that are unused or leaked for better application security.
Brand settings now available via Storefront API
As of the 2022-10 release of the Storefront API, you can now query a shop's brand settings and assets via the new Shop.brand field.


Nothing on the radar


Multiple Roles at Everflow
Everflow is looking to fill several positions including:
  • Senior Account Manager, Affiliate Marketing (CS Team)
  • Customer Success Manager (CS Team)
  • Senior DevOps Engineer (Dev Team) CANADA based
  • Software Engineer (Dev Team) CANADA based
  • Account Executive (Sales Team)
Front-End and Full Stack, FT, Canada
Heather Tovey at iamota is hiring two new Canada-based team members for the iamota dev team: Front-End and Junior Full-Stack. Come work with me!

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