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The Ultimate Guide to Conditional Rendering in React

To be a successful front-end developer, you must keep improving your code writing skills and knowledge about different ways to do the same task. No matter if you are a junior, mid, or senior developer, you have to be open-minded and willing to learn new techniques because what...


A look inside the useEvent polyfill from the new React docs

One fine day this summer, React legend, Dan Abramov, published a polyfill for the long awaited useEvent hook. Mind if we take a peek? If you haven't been following the 'news' lately, you might have missed the RFC for useEvent ....


Writing Tests That Depend On Other Tests

If you must use a Cypress anti-pattern, at least do it right using cypress-data-session plugin. Cypress Best Practices strongly advocates for keeping the tests independent of each other. I strongly agree with this advice. We should be able to run each test by itself and run th...

Gleb Bahmutov

How to Upload Images in Node.js the Easy Way

⭐ Setting up a Multer for image uploads. ⭐ Uploading Image to Cloud. ⭐ Linking the image with the MongoDB Database. Recently, I decided to build my own REST API in order to improve the functionality of my Fruit Shop Website. With much effort, I was able to build my own REST AP...


Do You Really Know "this" in JavaScript?

In the front-end interview process, interviewers often ask questions about the this keyword, which even those who have worked for many years may know only a little about. Therefore, this article analyzes the this keyword in detail, so that others can deeply understand it. When...


5 Tips To Scale Up Your React Apps

Scalability is not a KPI that you can specifically target. It's a function of good design decisions and maintainable code. Unfortunately, this equation isn't in favor of developers. The bigger the project, the stronger the temptation to take shortcuts and "just do it this way ...

JavaScript In Plain English

React Functional Components Using Refs

I have always been unclear about ref and forwardRef, after doing some research, I wanted to write an article with two small examples to document this learning process. Now let's get straight to the point! In the typical data flow of React, props are the only way for parent-chi...


What does the useCallback hook do? - Upmostly

If you are not already familiar with the concept of hooks, be sure to check this article, as it provides a very good, in-depth overview of the concept of hooks, as well as some examples of them. The useCallback hook is used to cache a memoized callback function in order to sav...


Using Type Guards To Narrow Down Error Handling Types In Angular 14

Over the weekend, I added an Angular 14 front-end to my Strangler feature flag exploration in Lucee CFML. However, something wasn't sitting right with me: Error handling. In TypeScript, the type of an error variable within a catch block (or Promise callback) is always any....

Ben Nadel

Discover Jest in 5 minutes: A Simple and Amazing JavaScript Testing Framework

Do you want to become a better JavaScript developer? Then you have to know about testing, and you have to know about Jest (in 5 minutes) 🖥️...

Jesús Lagares

13 Best JavaScript Animation Libraries of 2022

Animations are a great way to make your website stand out from the crowd and grab the attention of your visitors. With creative object motion and fluid page transitions, you can impress your users with rich, engaging experiences that make a good first impression....

Coding Beauty

Fix - Cannot find module 'semver' error in Node.js

In this tutorial, we are going to learn about how to fix the cannot find module 'semver' error in Node.js. When we try to install a node module using the npm install command sometimes we will get the following error in the terminal....

Sai gowtham

Getting Started With React Query in Your ReactJS Project - Upmostly

We have previously talked about why we want to use react query with our server-side state and this time we are here to walk the walk. In this article, we are going to learn how easy it is to get up and running with react query with your application....


Announcing the Official TypeScript Types Public Preview

As of ember-source@4.8.0-beta.2, Ember is shipping a public preview of our official TypeScript support for the framework itself. This is the next step in implementing RFC 0724: Official TypeScript Support and RFC 0800: TypeScript Adoption Plan....


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