Charted | What is the Cost of Europe’s Energy Crisis? 💰

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What is the Cost of Europe’s Energy Crisis?

As European gas prices soar, countries are introducing policies to try and curb the energy crisis. 

In this chart, we visualize how much funding has been allocated by governments to easing the impact.
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The Missing Ingredient in Inflation-Proof Portfolios

Even as you read this, inflation is incinerating 9% of your cash. Where can investors find growth?

One place they’re flocking is a long-overlooked $1.7 trillion asset class that's appreciated more than 33% during inflation—beating equities, real estate, and gold.

With Masterworks, investors have already allocated half a billion dollars into blue-chip art from names like Picasso, Basquiat, and Banksy. In recent exits, Masterworks averaged a 31.2% net return.

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