The statistic that keeps us awake at night

Millions of people read The Intercept’s groundbreaking investigative journalism. But just 1 percent ever donate. That’s a problem.

Millions of people read The Intercept’s groundbreaking investigative journalism. Many of them come back again and again to read our latest blockbuster scoop.

And yet only 1 percent of our readers ever make a donation, and that’s a problem.

It means we have fewer resources to pursue the award-winning investigative journalism for which we’re known. Fewer reporters to chase down leads. Fewer researchers to dig through the enormous amounts of data leaked to us by whistleblowers.

But it also means we have to ask for money a lot more often.

Just think: If 10 percent of our readers donated just $10 or $20 right now, we would be done fundraising for the entire rest of the year. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

We know that many of our readers would love to donate but sincerely can’t. That’s why we refuse to hide our journalism behind a paywall.

But if you value The Intercept and can afford to chip in, we humbly ask that you contribute whatever you can afford to our September membership campaign and join the 1 percent who make The Intercept’s journalism possible.

Since The Intercept launched in February 2014, we’ve won awards, broken countless blockbuster scoops, and built a large and loyal readership that comes to us every day for the latest exposés on government corruption or corporate wrongdoing.

We’ve done all that while just 1 percent of our readers donated. Now imagine what we could accomplish if that number were 5 or 10 percent.

Let’s face it: Most of the stories we write and investigations that we do simply wouldn’t happen if The Intercept didn’t exist. That journalism isn’t cheap or easy, and we rely on readers as a key part of our fundraising model.

So we’re asking you today: If you value hard-hitting investigative journalism of The Intercept, will you join the 1 percent who make our work possible by making a donation?


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