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What Is a Slot in Vue.js and How To Use It - Upmostly

When we're building a front end app with Vue.js, there are several ways to communicate between our parent and child components. Besides props, of which we've already talked about, one of the most common ways to pass top - to -bottom data are slots....


The Complete Guide to JavaScript Symbols

In this article, we're going to learn all about JavaScript symbols and how to use them in practice. The Symbol is a data type that was added to JavaScript in ES6. To create a symbol, you can use the global Symbol() function....

Coding Beauty

What Is Prop Drilling in ReactJS? 🔨 - Upmostly

React components are capable of receiving some parameters, these certain parameters are called props in react terminologies, it is not a rule but a convention...


Difference Between map(), forEach(), and filter() in JavaScript

JavaScript is the most popular programming language in the world and it is widely used for web development. Developers with a JavaScript background can easily get hands-on with front-end libraries such as React. This makes JavaScript a must-know language for professionals. Owi...

JavaScript In Plain English

How to Subtract 30 Days From the Current Date in JavaScript

To subtract 30 days from the current date in JavaScript: Use the Date() constructor to create a new Date object with the current date. Call the getDate() method on this object to get the days. Subtract 30 from the return value of getDate(). Pass the result of the subtraction t...

Coding Beauty

Top 10 Node.js Trends to Follow

Node.js is an open-source and cross-platform back-end JavaScript runtime environment but most people often assume it as a framework. It runs on the V8 engine and executes JavaScript code outside the web browser. Node.js now has become a robust framework for all times....

Frontend Weekly

Your Guide to React.useCallback()

A reader of my blog reached me on Facebook with an interesting question. He said his teammates, no matter the situation, were wrapping every callback function inside useCallback(): "Every callback function should be memoized to prevent useless re-rendering of child components ...

Dmitri Pavlutin

How to Handle Dynamic & Async Components in React

Asynchronous need not be only data fetching, it can be applied to code or components. Through asynchronous components, we can load important and essential components to the browser. Less important components can be slowly loaded and rendered. With React, this concept is built-...

Lakshmi Narayanan

React Protected Routes with React Router v6 Tutorial

Route protection is essential for preventing unauthorized users from accessing the React web page or routes. This tutorial covers how to create private routes in React app using React Router dom package. Protected routes or private routes are those routes that refrain unauthor...

Digamber Singh

How to write CommonJS exports that can be name-imported

This blog post explores how to write CommonJS modules so that their exports can be name-imported from ESM modules on Node.js. This is what the Node.js documentation says about this topic: When importing CommonJS modules, the module.exports object is provided as the default exp...

Axel Rauschmayer

Moving All My Aurelia Plugins Into a Monorepo - I Like Kill Nerds

Over the last few years, I have created a few plugins for Aurelia, mostly for Aurelia 1. However, with Aurelia 2 on the horizon (possibly released if you're reading this in the future), I have decided to clean house and adopt a new strategy. My approach has always been to put ...

Dwayne Charrington

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