Save Big on Pixel 6a, CCleaner Pro, Amazon Products, and More

October 5, 2022

Save Big on Pixel 6a, CCleaner Pro, Amazon Products, and More

How-To Geek Deals featuring Google, CCleaner, Amazon, and Anker Soundcore

Welcome to the first Wednesday of October! Fall’s in the air, pumpkin spice lattes are abound, and we’ve got the latest details on the best deals of the week. This time around, we found a great no-strings-attached offer on the Pixel 6a, an awesome discount on the already-affordable Amazon Fire 7 tablet, and your time is almost up to download CCleaner Pro for $1. Let’s get to it!

Google Pixel 6a For $349 ($100 Off)

Man holding a Google Pixel 6a

The virtually brand new Google Pixel 6a has been on sale more than it hasn’t since the device launched in July, but while past deals came with an activation caveat tethered to the best price, that’s not the case this time around. For $349 ($100 off) with no strings attached, you get a sturdy mid-tier phone with Google’s first generation Tensor chip, a Pixel-perfect 12 MP camera, and IP67 water and dust protection, plus you’ll enjoy the latest versions of Android for years to come.

Last Chance to Get CCleaner Pro for $1 ($29.95 Value)

Download CCleaner Pro for $1

Time is running out to download CCleaner Pro for just $1 ($29.95 value). For one year, you’ll get full access to a powerful PC maintenance tool that can clear clutter, free up storage space, and the boost performance of your device. Not only that, but it can also give your PC a health checkup, detect and remove internet trackers, keep your drivers up to date, and more.

To activate your full year of CCleaner Pro for a dollar now, click the icon below and enter your exclusive coupon code: EJA-RYM-JSI You have less than one week to redeem this offer, so claim it as soon as you can.

Amazon Fire 7 Tablet For $44.99 ($15 Off)

Girl holding an Amazon Fire 7 Tablet

While Samsung gets most of the buzz when it comes to Android tablets, we mustn’t forget Amazon’s Fire lineup. Okay, maybe the Fire 7 tablet just runs a forked version of Android, but still, these devices are affordable, portable, and great for enjoying content from your favorite apps, including Netflix, Disney+, Kindle, and more. Specs are on the paltry side, with only 16 GB of storage and 2 GB of RAM mated to a 7″ display, but for the wildly low price, it makes for a perfect streaming or reading device.

Amazon Luna Controller For $39.99 ($30 Off)

Amazon Luna Controller on a purple background

Just as Google throws in the towel on its cloud gaming platform Stadia, Amazon swoops in to remind everyone that its gaming service still exists with the best deal ever on the Luna Controller. The cool thing about this particular device is that it uses Wi-Fi to connect to Amazon Luna (which you’ll need a Prime membership, but there’s also a dedicated Bluetooth mode that lets you pair it with your PC and play like you would any other Bluetooth controller.

Soundcore Liberty 4 For $149.99 + Free Gift ($25.99 Value)

Person listen to a pair of Soundcore Liberty 4 earbuds

Anker’s latest earbuds just hit the market, and to celebrate its launch, the company’s got a pretty neat deal happening over on their website. Through the end of October (or while supplies last), you can pick up a brand new pair of Soundcore Liberty 4 earbuds for $149.99 and get a free gift valued at $25.99. Gifts include a PowerLine III USB-C to USB-C cable or a 32W Anker 323 Charger. Keep in mind that supplies is limited to 500 gifts each, so if you’re interested, pounce on this offer as soon as you can.



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