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“10-12 VIP attendees”

Who Anna Sorokin’s inviting to the dinner series she’s hosting in her NYC apartment. VIP isn’t always better.

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The Story

A new potential treatment for depression is gaining traction.

Aren’t there already treatments?

For the 16 million American adults suffering from depression there are many, like therapy and medication. But nearly 3 million Americans have treatment-resistant depression, meaning they’ve tried multiple antidepressants without seeing any improvements. And most antidepressants need at least a month before they take effect. Now, researchers say they may have found a solution…

And that would be…?

Shrooms. A study published yesterday found that psilocybin — the active ingredient found in ‘magic mushrooms’ — can help alleviate treatment-resistant depression. This isn’t the first study of its kind — but as a randomized control trial with more than 230 participants, it’s the largest and most robust to date. The good news: the intervention worked. The highest dose produced almost immediate results — with more than one-third of those who got the intervention seeing improvements the day after. But the effects waned with time. Three months later, only one-fifth saw sustained improvements. 

So what do we take from all this?

Well, one takeaway is that the doses had less of an impact than earlier studies had indicated. Meanwhile, more than 75% of those who got any size dosage experienced side effects like nausea, headaches, and dizziness. Still, this was immediate, documented relief for people with some of the most severe cases of depression: those deemed most at risk of suicide and hospitalization. For them, the relief may have quite literally been a lifesaver. 


More research is needed — and the next stage of the clinical trial will do just that. In the meantime, magic mushrooms are getting another look.

And Also...This

Who’s saying you just gotta ‘dust yourself off and try again’…

Former PM Benjamin Netanyahu. Yesterday, final results showed Netanyahu and his allies won the majority in parliament. Earlier this week, Israel held its fifth election in less than four years. The right-wing leader — who served for 12 consecutive years — said ‘good-Bibi’ last year after his party fell short of the 61 seats needed to rule parliament. And after he failed to piece together a coalition gov. Enter: a caretaker gov until this week’s elections. Now, alongside ultranationalist allies, Netanyahu’s comeback could lead to the most far-right government in Israel’s history. That’s because he has to form a coalition gov in the next few weeks. And is looking at his far-right partners to get him to the finish line...then it’s onto his agenda. That includes building successes from the past, like setting up formal diplomatic relations with other states. But critics fear the new coalition may mean Israel is headed toward an ultranationalist and extremist direction.

  • About those corruption charges: Once reinstated as PM, he is expected to bring major changes to the country's legal system — and possibly avoid jail time.

Who's skipping over icebreakers...

Elon Musk. Today, layoffs are expected to begin at Twitter — days after it was reported that Musk was planning to cut 25% of the company's staff. In an email to employees, Twitter said it's temporarily closing offices and will notify employees by 12 pm ET of their employment status. Badge access will also be “suspended” to "help ensure the safety" of employees. The company says it's part of its efforts to "place Twitter on a healthy path." But employees have responded by suing Twitter Inc., saying they haven't been given enough notice and it violates labor laws.

Who’s been benched...

Kyrie Irving. Last night, the Brooklyn Nets point guard posted an apology on Instagram saying he takes “full accountability and responsibility” for his actions. Last week, Irving tweeted a link to a film containing antisemitic tropes. He later deleted the post and promised to donate $500,000 to anti-hate groups…but stopped short of apologizing. Then yesterday, the Brooklyn Nets suspended its star player without pay for at least five games for failing to “disavow antisemitism.” But only after critics, including Charles Barkley, say the NBA “dropped the ball” by not suspending Irving earlier.

  • A concerning trend: Irving’s comments follow antisemitic language from Ye formerly known as Kanye West. It was followed up with an antisemitic hate group flying three banners on the LA freeway, with one reading “Kanye is right about the Jews.” And now, the FBI says it has credible information of a "broad threat" to synagogues in New Jersey.

What’s got parents and fur parents concerned…

PFAS. Yesterday, new test results found the “forever chemicals” in pet food bags and baby products. Pet brands like Meow Mix, Purina, Kibbles n’ Bits, and Blue Buffalo saw the highest rates of concentration. And so did everything from bedding, to bibs, changing pads, and clothing. While the PFAS coating on the products isn’t directly ingested, analysts say it is eventually ingested by pets and children after it wears off and gets into dust. The test results come months after the EPA said the chemicals are more dangerous than previously thought, even at hard-to-detect levels.

While we’re all trying to become $1.5 billion richer

Jeff Bezos may be looking to throw some around.

Who’s on our minds...

Selena Gomez.

While we’re not yet ready to fall back…

Daylight saving time begs to differ.

While We’re on the Subject...

Curious about today’s subject line? (Rich flex.) We saved you a Google. It’s a...

A: Track off of Drake & 21 Savage’s brand new album, “Her Loss”

B: Lyric from “Dancing On My Own" — aka the Phillies' unofficial song

C: Lifestyle, mentality, way of moving through the world

Skimm Life

Spooky szn is officially over. So you may already be planning your Thanksgiving dinner menu or blasting Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You” (guilty). Either way, we’ve got some recs for celebrating and hosting — so you can stress less and enjoy more:

Save Your Seat: Book’d with Lauren Graham

Sign up for Book’d with Lauren Graham, our twist on book club. We sit down with some of your fave authors to get an inside look at the experiences, moments, and lessons that inspired their writing. On Nov. 17 at 7:30pm ET actor and author Lauren Graham will tell us all about her new collection of essays, “Have I Told You This Already?” Oh, and you get a copy of the book when you buy your ticket. Get on it.

Skimm Picks

Here are today’s recs to help you live a smarter life…

1. Pants that’ll please any woman on your holiday gift list. Yep, even her. These Athleta pants are the comfy-chic gift that’ll keep on giving. Aka she’ll want them in every color. So you can consider her birthday covered, too.*

2. A rundown of allll the week’s biggest stories. In 30-ish minutes. This “Skimm This” ep, brought to you by Slack, our digital HQ, breaks down the latest news. And provides a peek at how managers at theSkimm uses Slack to connect and learn from each other. Headphones, in.*

3. High-quality meats delivered riiiight to your door. For when you’ve got a lot on your plate. Btw, new customers get a free 10-14 lb turkey in their first box. If that piques your interest, you ain’t seen stuffing yet. Here’s $100 off today only.*

4. Something to help you beat blackheads for good. Say ‘see ya never’ to build-up with this derm-tested solution. It’s powerful(ly) hydrating, and paraben-and sulfate-free. So your pores stay clear and tight. And your skin stays calm. Buy one get one free today only.*

On Our Radar

Up to 50% off at Lovehoney. Celebrate National Sex Toy Day with a new vibrator. It would be rude not to treat yourself, right?


We like to celebrate the wins, big and small. Let us know how your friends, neighbors, coworkers (and yes, even you) are making career moves, checking off goals, or making an impact in the community.

Building bridges…Danielle G (NY). She finally got to meet her senior buddy in person, over two years after meeting through a volunteer program aimed at keeping seniors company virtually.

(Some) Birthdays…Lauren Castleman (RI), Henry Tisch (NY), Tamsin Flanagan (NY), Tiffany Peterson (WA), Lauren Schille (NJ), Colleen Kinsey (MO), Swati Anand (ON), Chelsea Duran (NY), Kate Mosteller (IL), Paden Earnhardt (NC), Emily Ewers (IL), Nick Old (AL), Shawn Schoepp (MN), Kristin Alldredge (CO), Dana Carrubba (NJ), Jennifer Mulloy (CA), Shannon Spaans (TX), Levi John (FL)

PS: Paging all members of theSkimm. Reach out here for a chance to be featured.

Answer: A. Today’s subject line (Rich flex) is the first track off of Drake & 21 Savage’s brand new album, “Her Loss.” But it’s not just the album itself drumming up buzz: it’s the promotion. Think: everything from a fake NPR tiny desk concert to photoshopped Vogue covers. Thanks for the trust issues, Drake.

Skimm More

‘Show me the money’ has a new meaning in New York City. This week, it implemented a law requiring employers to disclose pay ranges in job postings. On our latest episode of “Skimm This,” we discuss salary transparency, how it can impact pay equality, and potential loopholes in the new legislation. Listen now.

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