Say 'fromage'! French startup PhotoRoom captures $19M Series A

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By Christine Hall and Haje Jan Kamps

Monday, November 07, 2022

Hello, dear crunchers! We hope you’ve had a peaceful weekend and that you were able to stay clear of social media for a few days. LOL Who are we kidding? We’ve all been glued to the slow-moving, painful, Elon-catalyzed bird crash over at Twitter. Now, if only Mastodon would call its posts something other than “toots,” we might be able to get behind those. In the meantime, come say hello to us on Mastodon!

Much love from Christine ( and Haje ( And, given that those social handles don’t exactly roll off the tongue, we’ll probably go back to linking to our Twitter accounts tomorrow. We are nothing if not creatures of habit, after all.


Image Credits: PhotoRoom

The TechCrunch Top 3

  • Get ready for your close-up: PhotoRoom, a photo-editing app for e-commerce sellers that enables users to remove the background behind objects, has attracted 40 million app downloads and now raised $19 million, Romain reports.
  • Twitter wants you back: If you were recently laid off from Twitter, would you return? Ivan writes that after laying off half of its staff, the social media giant is reportedly compiling a list of people who could be asked to come back. Better read the fine print on that rehiring contract.
  • Putting the “super” in super app: Organizing all the facets of your life in one app seems to be quite popular, and Yassir is proof of that. The Africa-based super app, offering ride-hailing, food and grocery delivery and payments, grabbed $150 million. Tage has more.

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Startups and VC

Evidently, the downturn hasn’t soured investors on the travel industry. Travel booking startup Hopper today announced that it closed a $96 million follow-on investment from Capital One, bringing the company’s total raised to close to $730 million, Kyle reports. The fresh cash will be put toward several efforts, CEO and co-founder Frederic Lalonde said in a press release, including supporting Hopper’s new social commerce initiatives.

Want to start a DAO? It’s not that hard. Want to join a DAO? It’s even easier, but there are several steps to get connected. Some of those steps are daunting. Matt is here to help, and he’s invited Alex Taub and one of his investors to learn more about how starting and onboarding for a DAO is about to become a lot easier, at least if they have something to do with it. Tune in to our next episode of TechCrunch Live on Wednesday to hear from Alex and investor Karin Klein from Bloomberg Beta.

A smattering more:

Dear Sophie: How can I stay in the US if I’ve been laid off?

Dear Sophie,

I was laid off and I’m on an H-1B. I have enough savings to survive for a while. What should I do if I have been let go from my job? I am on an H-1B, have an approved I-140, and an I-797 that expires in March 2024.

If I have to leave the U.S., can my current I-797 be transferred to my next employer? Are there any issues I should be aware of?

— Upended & Unemployed

Three more from the TC+ team:

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Dear Sophie: How can I stay in the US if I’ve been laid off? image

Image Credits: Bryce Durbin/TechCrunch

Big Tech Inc.

Romain has your look at the Devialet Mania, a $790 high-end portable speaker. And he actually uses the term “portable” lightly because it weighs five pounds, so more like a speaker you can pick up and change rooms with, not one you carry around in a backpack.

Business marriage is in the air, with Ouster and Velodyne agreeing to merge. Rebecca writes that this move “signals consolidation in the lidar industry” and also describes the background and what led up to this.

Ready for five more?

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