LG's stretchable display 🖥️, Twitter's record user growth 📈, next-gen AI coding demo 👨‍💻

LG has developed a stretchable display that can be elongated from 12-inches in size to 14-inches. 

Daily Update 2022-11-08

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Big Tech & Startups

Twitter tells advertisers that user growth is at ‘all-time highs’ under Elon Musk (3 minute read)

Twitter's monetizable daily user growth has accelerated to more than 20% since Elon Musk's takeover. The growth indicates that users are not leaving the platform en masse. Many advertisers have left Twitter due to activist pressure, resulting in a massive drop in revenue for the company. The level of hate speech on the platform remains within historical norms.
LG Display develops stretchable display that elongates by 20% (2 minute read)

LG has developed a stretchable display that can be elongated from 12-inches in size to 14-inches. Stretchable displays are considered to be the next step of evolution for displays after rollable and foldable displays. The full-color display could find many applications within wearable technologies. LG has been developing the display since 2020 in collaboration with 20 South Korean research institutes.

Science & Futuristic Technology

Lab-grown blood given to people in world-first clinical trial (3 minute read)

A team of researchers from the UK has developed lab-grown blood and started human testing. Small amounts of the blood are being tested to see how it performs inside the body. The blood is created from a pool of stem cells, with the process taking about three weeks. Lab-grown blood is currently significantly more expensive than the cost of an average blood donation.
New Go-playing trick defeats world-class Go AI—but loses to human amateurs (3 minute read)

A group of AI researchers recently published a method of defeating KataGo, an AI Go-playing program, that involves playing unexpected moves outside of its training set. KataGo learned how to play Go by playing millions of games against itself. Despite the large number of games it was trained on, it still didn't experience every possible scenario. The research highlights the need for better automated testing of AI systems.

Programming, Design & Data Science

Blessed (Website)

This site contains a list of Rust crates. The list aims to help new developers learn where to start, which crates they should use, and which crates to trust. Categories include general purpose, cryptography, networking, and CLIs.
Directory serve (GitHub Repo)

Directory serve is a command-line tool for sending and receiving files from Android and iOS devices. It creates a QR code for users to scan to remotely access a directory. Directory serve can be secured through username/password authentication.
Free eBook: Declarative Cloud Infrastructure Management with Terraform (Sponsor)

Understand the underlying concepts of Terraform, declarative cloud infrastructure management, and key basics of the Hashicorp Configuration Language. Also covered: why and when you should use Linode Kubernetes Engine (LKE) and Terraform together, Packer explained, and links to more educational content.

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Musk-led Twitter laid off some employees by mistake, asks them to come back (3 minute read)

Twitter is asking dozens of employees to come back. Some of them were laid off by mistake and others were let go before management realized they may be necessary. Five employees have filed a class-action lawsuit against Twitter alleging that the layoffs violated federal and state laws. Twitter will delay its paid verification rollout until after Tuesday's midterm elections.
Signal is the latest app to roll out a Stories feature (3 minute read)

Signal is rolling out a new Stories feature that allows users to share images, videos, and texts that automatically disappear after 24 hours. Like everything else in the app, Stories are end-to-end encrypted. Users are able to opt out of the feature. Signal added Stories as it was one of the most commonly requested features.

Quick Links

Airbnb will soon show prices inclusive of all fees in search results (2 minute read)

The feature, which users will be able to activate through a toggle, is being rolled out next month.
New OpenAI Codex demo (2 minute video)

A video demo showing OpenAI Codex writing code, testing the code to see if it works, and explaining the code with thorough comments.
Luos engine (GitHub Repo)

Luos engine is a real-time orchestrator for distributed architectures.
The most unethical thing I was asked to build while working at Twitter (4 minute read)

A director at a telco company wanted granular identifiable user location data, a request that the legal team said was fine.
Introduction to Genomics for Engineers (Website)

This site contains a broad introduction to genomics written specifically for computer scientists and engineers.
AMC is working with Zoom to turn some theaters into giant meeting rooms (2 minute read)

Zoom Rooms will be launching in up to 17 major US markets next year.

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