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November 10, 2022
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“I had no idea you were considered sexy”

Kelly Ripa finding out that her son was featured in People’s Sexiest Man Alive issue. No comment.


Take Two

The Story

Good morning. It’s another day of not knowing who will run Congress.

Who controls what?

No one controls anything. Dozens of House seats have yet to be called, and it could take days for the dust to settle. Analysts still think the GOP will take it. And while House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s (R-CA) victory party wasn’t what he expected, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) says he doesn’t “deal in feelings.”

And the Senate?

Still a toss-up. It could take days for Nevada and Arizona to be called as ballots are still being counted. And as with last time, Georgia’s tight race is now officially headed to a runoff. That race — and the fate of the Senate — could be in the balance until Dec 6.

What does this mean for 2024?

Despite economic concerns and President Biden’s low approval ratings (hovering around 40%), Dems avoided major losses — giving the party some hope going into 2024. Meanwhile, Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis easily swept Florida, strengthening his case for a potential White House run. But that’s something former President Trump is warning DeSantis against, pending Trump’s own big announcement next week. But with some key Trump endorsements failing to turn out W's, his pitch just got that much harder.

Any other key talkers?

Some election deniers struggled to get elected (surprise). Democrats made gains with governorships and state legislatures. And it looks like Dems’ controversial strategy of propping up some far-right Republican candidates may have paid off.


This is the second national election in a row where the biggest results could take days — if not weeks — to be decided. So far, one takeaway is clear: the predicted red wave may have panned out more like a red puddle.


Abortion on the Ballot

Votes are still coming in. But one of the lessons from this week’s election: abortion has been a driver in getting people to the polls. It influenced how some cast their ballots for everyone from governor, to senator, to attorney general, and more. 

This week, five states also had abortion-related ballot measures. Three (California, Vermont, and Michigan) voted to protect abortion access in their state constitutions. Kentucky voters rejected a GOP initiative to keep abortion out of the state constitution. And with about 90% of votes counted in Montana, voters look on track to reject a proposal that grants personhood rights to infants that survive abortion attempts or are born prematurely.    

The ballot initiatives won’t entirely determine abortion access. Kentucky, for example, still outlaws most abortions. And the state’s Supreme Court will have more of a say on this issue than voters when it weighs in next week. Still, ballot measures since the overturning of Roe v. Wade have sent a consistent message: when given the chance to vote directly, many Americans want to retain abortion access.

And Also...This

Where Ukrainians are watching closely…

Kherson. Yesterday, Russia said it would withdraw from the southern Ukrainian port city — the only regional capital Russia has captured since launching its invasion in February. It’s not yet clear if or when the military will do it. And some Ukrainian officials are wary that this is a ploy to lure Ukrainian troops to the city. But the announcement comes after a wave of Ukrainian victories, including blocking Russian advances in the summer and retaking key parts of the eastern region in September. It’s also a big messaging reversal for Russian President Vladimir Putin, who just weeks ago took steps toward annexing Kherson. The withdrawal — which could be the most glaring Russian military failure to date — apparently comes as some Kremlin allies are speculating a ceasefire.

What’s on SCOTUS’s mind…

The Indian Child Welfare Act. Yesterday, the Supreme Court heard arguments about the 1978 law that puts restrictions on Native American children in foster care or up for adoption. Specifically, it requires they be placed with extended family, their Native tribe, or in other Native homes before families with no tribal connections. The goal: to ensure a child’s ties to their cultural heritage and community. But several people trying to adopt Native kids and three states have asked the high court to strike the law, arguing in part that it’s racially discriminatory. Meanwhile, defenders say it’s a tribal (and therefore political) issue — not a racial one. Now, the Supremes seem divided on how to handle the law, with Justice Neil Gorsuch joining liberal justices who appear to support upholding it. Other conservative justices questioned whether the law counts as federal overreach. And if it “incorporates” the best interests of Native children. A ruling is expected by this summer.

What said ‘never mined’…

Binance. Yesterday, the world’s largest crypto exchange pulled out of a deal to buy its rival, FTX. The change of heart to bail out FTX follows reports that it “mishandled customer funds" and amid “alleged US agency investigations.” Now, without a lifeline, the three-year-old FTX needs an $8 billion cash influx, now. Otherwise, it’s facing collapse — spelling panic mode for its 30-year-old founder once hailed as the next Warren Buffett. And it signals further turmoil for the crypto market, which has been spiraling for months.

What’s on our minds…

Anxiety. Yesterday, the first study to directly compare medication to mindfulness meditation for treating anxiety found that the two worked equally well. After two months, patients participating in a weekly mindfulness program saw their anxiety decrease the same amount as patients taking anxiety meds like Lexapro. Now, one expert says that the study is reaffirming how “useful mindfulness can be when practiced effectively.” And it couldn’t come sooner: one in five US adults live with an anxiety disorder — an issue the pandemic has exacerbated.

PS: You may have seen people on TikTok doing something called ‘vagus nerve icing’ to treat anxiety. We asked an expert.

While marveling at Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana…

King Charles doesn’t seem to be cracking on.

Who’s jingle bell rocking our world…

Lindsay Lohan.

Who’s ready to talk about her struggles getting pregnant…

Jennifer Aniston.

Pop Quiz
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ICYMI, the NBA season is underway. And while we wait for the WNBA to return in the spring, we want to test your league knowledge. Sooo, which one of the following is not the name of a WNBA team?

A. The Washington Mystics

B. The Seattle Stars

C. The Connecticut Sun 

It’s *insert drumroll* B. The correct name? The Seattle Storm. And you’ve probably heard about their star player: WNBA MVP and two-time Olympic gold medalist, Breanna Stewart. She’s allll about promoting women’s equality — especially in sports. Case in point: She collabed with PUMA on the first women’s signature basketball shoe in over a decade, Stewie 1. Peep the signature kicks aaaand her entire collection.  We think they’re worth a shot.

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