Drones Are About to Fill the Sky With Advertisements

Did You Know?:

Despite how King Leonidas is portrayed as a younger man in popular depictions (like in the 2007 film 300), he was actually around sixty years old when he fought in the Battle of Thermopylae.

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November 9, 2022

Did You Know?

Despite how King Leonidas is portrayed as a younger man in popular depictions (like in the 2007 film 300), he was actually around sixty years old when he fought in the Battle of Thermopylae.

📫 The Future (Gmail) Has Arrived

Happy Wednesday! Ready or not, Google is shutting down the old Gmail design, and moving everyone to the current look. Gmail could have more competition soon — Zoom is working on email and calendar services of its own.

There are also more great deals popping up ahead of Black Friday. Anker has released a Bluetooth tracker that works just like Apple AirTags, but at a lower price. If you’ve had your eye on a smart speaker (or two, or three), the Google Nest Mini is just $18 right now.

– Corbin

TODAY'S TOP STORY Drones Are About to Fill the Sky With Advertisements

If you don’t know that hundreds of illuminated drones filling the sky in a programmed pattern is a new advertising thing, seeing it for the first time can be a bit jarring. Read More »


0% Interest for 24 Months‡ on thousands of participating products now through 11/21/22. Equal monthly payments required for 24 mos.

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How to Get Your Public IP in a Linux Bash Script

You’ll need your external IP address if you want to remotely connect to your computer. Finding it manually is easy, but here’s how to find your it from within a Linux script. Read More »

Pin It Up
U Brands

When it comes to organizing small notes or collectibles, you can’t beat a simple corkboard. All you need are some thumbtacks, and you can make nearly anything a decorative accent… or just get all of those sticky notes off your desk and somewhere else.

If you don’t need a big corkboard, go with U Brand’s Square Frameless Cork Bulletin Board. This 14×14-inch board is only $10, and it provides a nice amount of space to pin up what you want to. Best of all, if you run out of space, it’s easy to purchase another board and hang them up next to each other!

Peacock Now Includes Your Local Live NBC Channel

Peacock is the streaming service owned by NBCUniversal, with many TV shows and movies and some live broadcasting. Now you can watch your local news station on the service, without any extra hardware or subscriptions. Read More »

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT What the Heck Is a Minimalist Phone?

Smartphones put the world at our fingertips, but the unfettered access to dopamine can be too much sometimes. What if there was a way to get the best of a smartphone without all the distractions? Enter “minimalist” phones. Read More »

How BIMI Will Make It Easier to Trust Email Messages

The vast majority of online scams are conducted via email as the medium is readily accessible and easy to abuse. A new form of message authentication known as BIMI should help you understand which messages are genuine and which are trying to deceive you. Read More »

Get a Google Nest Mini Smart Speaker for Just $18 Today

The Nest Mini is Google’s entry-level smart speaker, with all the power of Google Assistant in a smaller (and cheaper) speaker. Now it’s on sale at a great price. Read More »

Signal Has Stories Now (Here’s How to Turn Them Off)

The popular secure messaging platform Signal now has “Story Time,” the company’s version of the stories you see on Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms. Here’s what they are and, if you like to keep your secure messaging simple, how to turn them off. Read More »

The Best Smart Bathroom Scales of 2022

A typical scale will display your weight, but smart bathroom scales can help with fitness goals and provide in-depth information about your body, like your BMI, body fat percentage, and muscle mass. They can automatically log your weight and other data to your phone, too. Read More »

DoorDash Is Trying to Deliver Food With Drones

Some people like their eggs sunny side up, and others over easy. Soon airborne may be an option as well. Read More »

How Residential IPs Help VPNs Crack Netflix

Ever wondered how it is that certain VPNs can unblock Netflix while others struggle? The answer lies in what are called residential IPs, a particular type of internet address that is much harder to detect than the ones VPNs usually use. Here’s how they work. Read More »

5 Things You Should Have in Your Blackout Emergency Bag

Nothing makes you realize how dependent we are on electricity like it suddenly going away when you least expect it. Plenty of great gadgets can help make a blackout easier to get through, but we think a few are essential. Read More »

XreArt Frames Review: Recycled Tech Made Chic

Technology—smartphones, handheld game consoles, and so on—from the 1990s and 2007s is iconic, and for good reason. Many of these devices defined my childhood, and I’m sure that’s the same story for a lot of other people out there. XreArt Studios makes framed art out of these well-known devices, and oh my, the result is stunning. Read More »

IVPN Review: Fast as Lightning

IVPN is a bit of a dark horse in the VPN market. It doesn’t have the marketing clout of big players like NordVPN and ExpressVPN, and it’s only slowly gaining the name recognition of independent players like Mullvad. I took it through its paces to find out what IVPN could do. Read More »


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Zoom Is Becoming a Full Productivity Suite

You might know Zoom for its videoconferencing solution that became wildly popular during the COVID-19 pandemic, but as we start taking on more in-person commitments, videoconferencing isn’t as essential. Now, Zoom is branching out. Read More »




Which Of These Is The Fastest Selling Consumer Electronic Device Of All Time?
iPad »
Wii »
Nintendo DS »
Kinect »
You Can’t Go Back to the Old Gmail Anymore

Google introduced a new look and feel for the Gmail web app earlier this year, complete with a new sidebar, larger buttons, and other tweaks. You could still opt out and stick to the old design, but that is now changing. Read More »


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AMC and Zoom Will Bring Work Meetings to the Big Screen

It’s rare that you’re attending a work meeting on Zoom, and wish that you could hear your coworkers mutter “Sounds good” in state-of-the-art audio, or watch your boss on a 50-foot screen. Regardless, AMC is joining forces with Zoom to enable that experience. Read More »

Anker Just Made a Better AirTag Than Apple

Apple introduced the AirTag in 2021 as a small Bluetooth-powered tag for tracking items for $29. Anker has now introduced a tracker compatible with the same Apple “Find My” network, and it might just be better than Apple’s own AirTag. Read More »

You Can Now Buy .RSVP Websites

Google’s dominance over the web also extends to owning a domain registry. The company manages several Top-Level Domains (TLDs), such as .day and .new, and now there’s another website ending for the taking: .rsvp. Read More »

10 Nintendo Switch Features You Should Be Using

The Nintendo Switch is a fantastic handheld console, and even though it’s not as feature-packed as a gaming PC (or even some other consoles), there are a few helpful features you might not know about. Read More »

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