Elon considers Twitter paywall 🐦, FTX crypto exchange collapses 📉, partial solution to Riemann Hypothesis 🧠

Elon Musk discussed the idea of charging all users a subscription fee for using Twitter during recent meetings. 

Daily Update 2022-11-09

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Big Tech & Startups

Elon Musk has discussed putting all of Twitter behind a paywall (8 minute read)

Elon Musk discussed the idea of charging all users a subscription fee for using Twitter during recent meetings. He also discussed reducing ad load for Twitter Blue subscribers. Employees reportedly suggested adding more paid features for business customers, but the idea was dismissed. Most of the company is currently sitting idle as they wait to find out who their managers and teams are.
Twitter’s solution for ruining verification is another checkmark (2 minute read)

Twitter is rolling out a new gray 'Official' checkmark for governments, companies, and public figures. The change will help users distinguish between Twitter Blue subscribers and accounts that are verified as official. The Official checkmark can't be bought and only Twitter can determine who gets it. Anyone impersonating an official account without clearly identifying themselves as a parody will be permanently banned from the platform.

Science & Futuristic Technology

Alphabet’s Wing drones will soon be delivering DoorDash orders in Australia (3 minute read)

Alphabet's Wing and DoorDash have partnered to provide drone-delivered meals in Australia. DoorDash Air launched this week for a small number of households in select areas. Wing's drones can carry around 2.5 pounds. Marketing for the service is focused around the delivery of convenience and grocery store items. Alphabet is working towards making drone delivery a plug-and-play option for businesses.
Experimental “FLASH” cancer treatment aces first human trial (3 minute read)

FLASH radiotherapy is a promising alternative to traditional radiation therapy that involves delivering a dose of radiation 300 times higher than in traditional radiation therapy within a fraction of a second. The technique is able to treat tumors without harming the surrounding tissue. Animal studies have shown that the technique is just as effective as traditional radiation therapy. The first human trials didn't produce any unexpected side effects.

Programming, Design & Data Science

cozo (GitHub Repo)

cozo is a general-purpose transactional and relational database. It uses Datalog as the query language. cozo can be used from any programming language or as a standalone program. It attempts to provide informative error messages when required.
Announcing Rome v10 (4 minute read)

Rome is a project that aims to unify dozens of frontend language tools into a single easy-to-use tool. It helps developers avoid unnecessary work and reduce repetition. Rome features a fast linter and formatter and rich and comprehensible diagnostics.
Reduce your system overhead with Snyk's guide on Java DTOs (Sponsor)

Data Transfer Objects (DTOs) in Java are objects that transport data between subsystems. Check out Snyk’s guide on how DTOs are used in modern Java applications and how Java DTOs can help you stay more secure by preventing accidental data leaks.


‘I don’t want this kind of life’: graduate students question career options (10 minute read)

A survey of more than 3,200 graduate students found that there was widespread uncertainty about career paths and the value of advanced degrees. It also found that there was a significant disconnect between the training students were receiving and the realities of their future careers. The labor market has changed but classes haven't adapted yet. Many students are dissatisfied with their career training.
Crypto World Is Rocked as World’s Largest Exchange Rescues Rival (3 minute read)

Binance has reached a deal to buy FTX. FTX appeared on the verge of collapse earlier this week as it struggled to deal with a surge of withdrawal requests. The size of the acquisition is unknown, but FTX has been valued before at $32 billion. The deal does not involve FTX's smaller US-based FTX.US.

Quick Links

Better Prometheus alerts with Robusta — less noise, more insights (Sponsor)

See a historical view of alerts. Link alerts to logs, graphs, and Kubernetes events. Works with all Prometheus setups.
Salesforce confirms it has laid off hundreds of employees (2 minute read)

Salesforce had over 73,000 employees, so the layoffs only affected a small fraction of its workers.
Containers are chroot with a Marketing Budget (12 minute read)

This article walks the reader through the process of building a container runtime using only the chroot system call to learn more about chroot and container runtimes.
A tiny company with a UPS Store address could help the government get around browser security (3 minute read)

There is no concrete evidence that TrustCor has done anything wrong, but the certification system could be easily exploited.
katana (GitHub Repo)

katana is a crawling and spidering framework.
Disney says it has more streaming customers than Netflix (2 minute read)

Disney's three main streaming services have more than 235 million subscribers combined.
ntfy (GitHub Repo)

ntfy can be used to send notifications to any device from any computer for free.

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