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ISSUE 146  November 20th 2022




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All You Need to Know About UX, UI, and Usability Testing

A great reminder from Safa Emhemed about all things UX testing, including recommendations on handy testing tools.

Furthermore, Safa also created A Lite Checklist For UI/UX Design.  Permalink


Deep dive into evolution of testing organizations

This is huge! Based on a decade of experience in software testing, Gaurav Singh shares his perspective on how the software testing function evolved in organisations over time.  Permalink


How to progress as a QA Automation Engineer?

After reaching a more senior QA role, you might wonder what's next. Here's what people advise.

Moreover, someone who recently got to the Lead position shares their feelings: I feel like I'm on a dead end here.

And I think this article by Arinze Obikili might also give some answers: I Transitioned From A Test Automation Manager to A Software Engineering Manager & Here’s What I’ve Learned… So Far.  Permalink


What made you better at manual testing?

An interesting question! And there are a lot of good answers, too.

In relation to that, Balaji Santhanagopalan shares Some probing questions related to Software testing that may make you think.  Permalink




Microservices Testing Strategies — Part 3

Onur Baskirt describes the techniques and approaches to testing microservices, this time focusing on end-to-end functional and non-functional tests.  Permalink


On treating your test code like production code

One of the signs of matured quality culture in teams is treating tests as seriously as the code of the system under test. Bas Dijkstra explains how.  Permalink


Recording a failed XCTest run

If you test iOS apps using the native XCTest framework, then this tip by Alexey Alter-Pesotskiy on creating a video recording of your tests can help you in debugging.

Moreover, Dan Smith shares My Big 5 takeaways from the "iOS Unit Testing by Example" book.  Permalink


Why do I like TDD but was skeptical about it at the beginning?

Test-Driven Development has many followers as well as sceptics. Masud Rana explains what changed his mind.

In relation to that, Anas Anjaria wrote about TDD — My Mistakes & How I Improve Them.  Permalink


Why Have You Not Added More Test Automation?

Maaret Pyhäjärvi shares a story of a common problem with underestimating test automation efforts. It's a fair reminder to project managers.  Permalink




Create A K6 Performance Load Test for API Calls

Justin Bailey shows a step-by-step way of using k6 — an open-source tool. And here's another example for websites.

Note: If you can't access the full article, simply open it in a private tab.  Permalink


Cypress Can Be Simple (Sometimes)

Here are a few handy tips on Cypress commands that can help you improve readability and make your code cleaner.

You might also want to learn How to Separate Test Data Using Fixture in Cypress from Krisnawan Hartanto.  Permalink


Cypress vs Playwright — Clash of the Titans: Working with API requests (4)

Although neither Cypress nor Playwright are primarily API testing tools, this feature makes them powerful in several situations. Aleksandar Zeljković explains the differences between them.

Furthermore, Kailash Pathak shares how to do Cypress API Automation Using cypress-plugin-api.  Permalink


Five Playwright Tips to Level Up Your Testing Game

Stefan Judis shares a handful of practical tips that can help you get the most out of Playwright.

Moreover, Tally Barak wrote a decent Illustrated Guide to Using Promise.all in Playwright Tests.  Permalink


Taking first steps in API testing with REST Assured (IntelliJ IDEA + Java + Maven + TestNG)

Anna Dobrovidova shows how to set up an API test framework using Java tools and run the first tests.

Similarly, Bart Vanherck explains how you can get started with Testing with FastAPI.  Permalink




"10 Expert Postman Testing Tips" Webinar Recording

Using Postman? You may want to check out this helpful tutorial by Gil Zilberfeld showing some advanced features.  Permalink




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