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Welcome to issue 132 of Programmer Weekly. Let's get straight to the links this week.
Quote of the Week 

"An evolving system increases its complexity unless work is done to reduce it." - Meir Lehman


CICERO: An AI agent that negotiates, persuades, and cooperates with people 
Meta AI has built CICERO, the first AI to achieve human-level performance in the popular strategy game Diplomacy. It's a breakthrough toward building AI that can use language to work with people to achieve strategic goals.

Exciting New GitHub Features Powering Machine Learning
Discover the exciting enhancements in GitHub that empower Machine Learning practitioners to do more.

Reading List

Why Twitter Didn’t Go Down: From a Real Twitter SRE
Twitter supposedly lost around 80% of its work force. What ever the real number is, there are whole teams with out engineers on it now. Yet, the website goes on and the tweets keep coming. This left a lot wondering what exactly was going on with all those engineers and made it seem like it was all just bloat. I’d like to explain my little corner of Twitter (though it wasn’t so little) and some of the work that went on that kept this thing running.

Vulnerability Management at Lyft: Enforcing the Cascade - Part 1
Over the past 2 years, we’ve built a comprehensive vulnerability management program at Lyft. This post will focus on the systems we’ve built to address OS and OS-package level vulnerabilities in a timely manner across hundreds of services run on Kubernetes. Along the way, we’ll highlight the technical challenges we encountered and how we eliminated most of the work required from other engineers.

How we built it: the technology behind Cloudflare Radar 2.0
Radar 2.0 was launched last month during Cloudflare's Birthday Week as a complete product revamp. This post explains how we built it technically. Hopefully, it will inspire other developers to build complex web apps using Cloudflare products.

Bringing revsets to Git
Revsets are a declarative language from the Mercurial version control system. Most commands in Mercurial that accept a commit can instead accept a revset expression to specify one or more commits meeting certain criteria. The git-branchless suite of tools introduces its own revset language which can be used with Git.

Backup-and-Restore of Containers with Kubernetes Checkpointing API
Kubernetes v1.25 introduced Container Checkpointing API as an alpha feature. This provides a way to backup-and-restore containers running in Pods, without ever stopping them. This feature is primarily aimed at forensic analysis, but general backup-and-restore is something any Kubernetes user can take advantage of. So, let's take a look at this brand-new feature and see how we can enable it in our clusters and leverage it for backup-and-restore or forensic analysis. 

How AI Text Generation Models Are Reshaping Customer Support at Airbnb
Leveraging text generation models to build more effective, scalable customer support products.

How Precision Time Protocol is being deployed at Meta
The journey to Precision Time Protocol (PTP) has been a long one. We're sharing a deep technical dive into our PTP migration.

Just-for-fun experiment: Deploying Kubernetes on two old laptops with Gentoo Linux
This article tells the story of a fascinating experiment involving the deployment and configuration of Kubernetes on two old laptops, one of which had an old processor. In conducting it, we referred to the Kubernetes The Hard Way tutorial, to which we did a bit of tweaking. On top of that, we went even more nuts and opted for Gentoo Linux (yes, you read that right!) as the host operating system. Let’s dive into this exciting, hardcore experience!

You Must Be 64-Bit to Ride This Ferry
Reverse Engineering an Updated NY Waterway App for the Pixel 7.

The Many Ways to Access RDS
RDS supports several database engines but the features in this article are not available to all of them. We’ll use PostgreSQL as our engine and provide a couple working configurations using Terraform and Bash. The intent is to explain RDS access management capabilities through code and provide working configurations the reader can use to build on.

Watch and Listen

Is Quiet Quitting possible in an agile team?
Given agile's expectation of transparency, can a member "quietly quit"? As we dive into this topic, Bob and Josh debate the definition of a "high-performing agile team" as it pertains to this topic.

Knative Functions - No Dockerfile, No Lock-In, No Kubernetes Experience
Would you like to run functions in your own Kubernetes clusters? Would you like it to be as simple as possible? How about providing Functions As a Service (FaaS) flavor of serverless computing to everyone in your company? If the answer to any of those questions is yes, you might want to explore Knative Functions.

Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

Infisical is an open-source, E2EE tool to sync environment variables across your team and infrastructure.

Search your codebase with natural language • CLI • No data leaves your computer.

Ruzz is a free open source app that allows its users to track new features and changes in popular programming languages, frameworks, libraries and editors.

A portable microkernel-based multiserver operating system written from scratch. 

Get answers for CLI commands from GPT3 right from your terminal.

A full-fledged code editor for iPad.

From Code to Kubernetes in One Step.

TourGuide is a Javascript library written for creating user tours and on-boarding steps for your apps. 

Hard Drive S.M.A.R.T Monitoring, Historical Trends & Real World Failure Thresholds.

A modern diagram scripting language that turns text to diagrams.
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