The Best Black Friday Deals on SSDs, Keyboards, More

November 24, 2022

The Best Black Friday Deals on SSDs, Keyboards, and More

How-To Geek Deals featuring Roborock, Western Digital, Azio, Samsung, and Ring

Get your fill of turkey and pumpkin pie while you can, because the biggest shopping event of the year is here. With all of the Black Friday festivities in full swing, we’re giving you wall-to-wall coverage of all the best tech deals, which you can find in our Black Friday Deals roundup (coming tomorrow), as well as in our free Deals Newsletter, which we’re sending your way today, tomorrow, and Cyber Monday. Let’s get to it!

Save Up to 44% On Roborock’s Robot Vacuum Lineup

Save up to 44% on Roborock robot vacuums

Happy Black Friday Eve! Kicking off the biggest shopping event of the year, our friends over at Roborock have unleashed a smorgasbord of robot vacuum deals with up to 44% off some of the most advanced models in their lineup. Best of all, these discounts are available right now through Sunday, December 4, 2022.

This sale covers Roborock’s entire range of robot vacuums, from the top-tier flagship S7 MaxV Ultra with an absurd 5100 Pa of suction to the affordable E5 Mop that delivers automated cleaning power at a wallet-friendly price. All in all, there are 13 different models to choose from.

Whatever you’re looking for, Roborock has a robot vacuum at the right power preference, price point, and convenience level for you. Just head on over to the official Black Friday Sale page, throw your favorite model into your cart, check out, and that’s it —¬†you never have to vacuum manually again.

Internal and External SSD Black Friday Deals

Solid State Drives are a necessity for any modern desktop or laptop computer. Not only are they more durable than their HDD counterparts, they’re lightyears faster, making them a must-have for graphic designers, videographers, gamers, and any other hobby or occupation where speedy performance is crucial. Here are some of the best early Black Friday SSD deals we’ve found so far:

Keyboard Black Friday Deals

Azio Retro Classic Wired Vintage Mechanical Keyboard laying on a wooden table

Every time your fingers press down your keyboard, what do they feel? If it’s anything other than pure clickety clackety bliss, throw your keyboard out now and get one of these mechanical options, all discounted for Black Friday. Your hands will thank you later.

Tablet Black Friday Deals

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 product image

Tablets may not have been the laptop killer that brands like Apple touted them to be so many years ago, but they are a fantastic laptop replacement for some and a great supplemental device for many. Today, you can save quite a bit on a number of different tablets from Amazon Kindle e-readers to Android-powered Samsung tablets and more.

Home and Audio Black Friday Deals

Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 installed on a door

No modern home is complete without some notable smart upgrades. Whether you’re looking to improve your Wi-Fi setup, add a smart display, or keep an eye on the front door, these home and audio upgrades are exactly what you’re looking for.

Get Great Black Friday Deals Sent to Your Inbox

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Our Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) coverage is just getting started. Not only will we be back tomorrow with more deals for your buying pleasure, but we’ll be popping in on Monday with even more discounts, too. Best of all, you can have these deals sent directly to your inbox when you subscribe for free to the How-to Geek Deals Newsletter. See you then!


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