Academy of American Poets Holiday Gift Guide


Academy of American Poets Holiday Gift Guide

Our partners, sponsors, and advertisers present some of their offerings
to help celebrate the holidays with the poets and readers in your life. 
New & Forthcoming Poetry Books

American Wildflowers 
edited by Susan Barba,
illustrated by Leanne Shapton
Abrams Books
November 2022, Hardcover $27.89

This beautifully illustrated anthology of poetry and prose presents writings on wildflowers that celebrate diversity in voices and plants, including Robin Wall Kimmerer on asters, Allen Ginsberg on sunflowers, Natalie Diaz on hyacinths, and more. 

100 Poems That Matter 
Andrews McMeel 
December 2022, Hardback $19.99

A moving, thought-provoking, and emotional anthology of classical and contemporary poems that celebrate poetry’s power to capture the truths that really matter, exploring universal themes of love, loss, and the experiences that define us.


Minor Secrets
by Billie Chernicoff
Black Square Editions
July 2022, Paperback $20

“Exhilarating freedom and subtle command, lyric surprise and an electric movement of mind - all that and more runs through every line of Billie Chernicoff’s Minor Secrets.”
-Peter Cole

Sweet, Young, & Worried
by Blythe Baird
Button Poetry
November 2022, Paperback, e-Book & Audiobook $25

Following her widely successful debut, Baird wastes no time as she reels in her reader with breathtaking imagery and punching narratives. With expert precision and vulnerability, Baird guides us on an expedition embracing queerness, mental health, feminism, & healing.

by Siaara Freeman
Button Poetry
July 2022, Paperback, e-Book & Audiobook $18

Urbanshee is Siaara Freeman’s retelling of fairy tales and mythological stories through a modern and urban lens. Freeman expertly combines humor, fantasy, and raw emotion to create this astonishing reinvention of classic fables.

Dialect of Distant Harbors 
by Dipika Mukherjee
CavanKerry Press
October 2022, Paperback $18

With wonder, empathy, and even rage, Mukherjee summons a shared humanity to examine illness and family and to redefine belonging and migration in a misogynistic, racist world. These are incantations to our human connections and focus on personal and communal resilience.

Something Close to Music
by John Ashbery
David Zwirner Books
June 2022, Softcover $15

An intimate and unique collection of the work of John Ashbery—a prolific poet and art critic—pairing poetry and art writings with playlists of music from his personal library.

Asina is How We Talk: A collection of Tejano poetry written en la lengua de la gente
edited by Eddie Vega
Flowersong Press
November 2022, Paperback $15

“I offer this collection of poetry as a celebration of the pocho, mocho, Spanglish, Tejano, Tex-Mex lengua that the gente actually speaks.”

by Luis Alberto Urrea
Flowersong Press
December 2022, Hardcover $20

PIEDRA, a new collection of poems by Luis Alberto Urrea. Celebrations and mourning at the turn of a life.

Quarantine Highway
by Millicent Borges Accardi
Flowersong Press
December 2022, Paperback $16

From re-definition to re-calibration, the poems in this book are artifacts to the early and mid-days of the pandemic. Though not specifically labeled as “Covid poems,” they strike to the heart of the universal yet individual struggles of solitude, confinement, justice, isolation, and, ultimately, self-reckoning. The poems push and pull between the constantly knocking global news cycle to the stillness of a surreal inner world.

Rebozos of love: floricanto 1970-1974
by Juan Felipe Herrera
Flowersong Press
December 2022, Paperback $17

In Rebozos there are celebrations, sweat lodges, songs calling out liberation, infinities of self & there is sweet corn, frijol, heart, naked earth & body, flaming waters, Quetzalcoatl, the speaking Quetzal, thorns, new words & shells, unfolding flowers, adobe, pueblos, venados, constellations, revelations of hemispheric unity, voice-stories from New Mexico, feathers & guitars, chakira, kupurisol—the essence of the sun. 

What Can I Tell You? Selected Poems
by Roberto Carlos Garcia 
Flowersong Press
December 2022, Paperback $18

Charting the personal and the political, the lyrical and the prosaic, with an intense interrogation of anti-Blackness that centers Trans-Atlantic and Latinx Blackness in all its vastness, beauty, and pride. This necessary book compiles the best of Garcia’s three poetry collections. These selected poems will introduce Garcia’s work to a broader audience.

All The Blood Involved In Love
by Maya Marshall 
Haymarket Books
June 2022, Paperback $17

Maya Marshall’s poems traverse familial mythography to investigate contemporary politics, Blackness, reproductive justice, and the stakes of race and interracial partnership, queerness, and love.

The Body Family
by Hope Wabuke 
Haymarket Books
April 2022, Paperback $17

This lyrical and imagistic poetry collection tells the story of a family’s journey to flee the murderous reign of Uganda’s Idi Amin only to land in a racist American landscape.

by Noor Hindi
Haymarket Books
May 2022, Paperback $17

Noor Hindi’s poems explore colonialism, religion, patriarchy, and everything in between with sharp wit and innovative precision. Layered to reflect the intersections of her identity, while constantly interrogating this identity itself, her writing combines lyrical beauty with political urgency.

Super Sad Black Girl
by Diamond Sharp
Haymarket Books
October 2022, Paperback $17

Super Sad Black Girl lyrically explores the in-between spaces of a time and place where the speaker can live safely and freely, in this compassionate and ethereal depiction of mental illness from a promising and powerful poet.


Being with Trees: Awaken Your Senses to the Wonders of Nature; Poetry, Reflections & Inspiration
by Hannah Fries,
foreword by Robin Wall Kimmerer
Storey Books
August 2022, Paperback $14.95

Poet and nature lover Hannah Fries invites readers to slow down and connect with the wonders and healing power of nature, featuring a guided journey of prompts, poetry, meditations, and inspirational photos.

by J. Bailey Hutchinson
University of Arkansas Press
March 2022, Paperback  $17.95

Winner, 2022 Miller Williams Poetry Prize 

“Here is bold Southern sensibility, rapturous and addictive, crafting poems that are impossible to turn away from. Bailey touts a smoldering command of her slice of the world.”
—Patricia Smith 

Selected Poems
by Patrick Kavanagh, 
edited with an introduction by Paul Muldoon
Wake Forest University Press
November 2022, Paperback $15.95 & Hardcover $22.95

“All Kavanagh's gifts are on display,” as Paul Muldoon writes in his introduction to this new selection of forty poems by Patrick Kavanagh, celebrating his lasting legacy—“a star-lovely art / In a dark sod.”

Goddesses of Water
by Jeannette L. Clariond, 
translated by Samantha Schnee
World Poetry Books
September 2022, Paperback $20

Jeannette L. Clariond’s book-length epic, Goddesses of Water, translated by Samantha Schnee, draws upon Mesoamerican cosmogony to lament the present-day epidemic of femicides in Mexico.

Poetry Titles for Young Readers

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening
by Robert Frost,
illustrated by P.J. Lynch
November 2022, Hardcover $18.99

Whether memorized by schoolchildren or used to eulogize a president, “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening,” written in 1922 and published in 1923, has found a place as one of the best-loved and best-known American poems of the last hundred years. Now, six decades after the passing of its author, Robert Frost, celebrated artist P.J. Lynch brings this classic to new life with exquisitely detailed illustrations, evoking its iconic moments and wintry setting on the outskirts of a small village.

Age range: 4–8

Themes: classics, seasons, stories in verse

Book of Questions
by Pablo Neruda,
translated by Paloma Valdivia 
Enchanted Lion Books
January 2022, Hardcover $22.95

Where is the center of the sea? Why do the waves never break there? With gorgeous, cosmic full-page illustrations, Pablo Neruda's unanswerable questions invite us to wonder at nature and the myriad mysteries it contains.

Age range: 7 & up

Themes: nature, questions, Pablo Neruda, poetry from Chile, poetry in translation, illustrated poetry

The Little Toymaker
by Cat Min
Levine Querido
April 2022, Hardcover $26

A magical fairytale, that follows a precocious toymaker who—through skill and empathy—helps elders rekindle joy through gift-giving. A gift for budding wizards and their grandparents alike.

Age range: 4–8

Something Great
by Jeanette Bradley
Levine Querido
October 2022, Hardcover $18.99

Quinn creates something special that takes them on a journey of creativity, self-exploration, and friendship. But what is it? Turns out it's more than they imagined. For the art-loving child who defies labels.

Age range: 4–8

by Katherine Applegate
Macmillan Children’s
September 2022, Hardcover $16.99

A touching and lyrical friendship story told in free verse from Newbery Medalist Katherine Applegate. Inspired by true events, this poignant and humorous tale examines bravery and healing through the eyes of one of nature’s most beloved and charming animals.

Age range: 8–12
Themes: friendship, kindness, animals, nature

While You Sleep
by Jennifer Maruno,
illustrated by Miki Sato
Pajama Press
November 2022, Hardcover $17.95

Breathtaking collage art and exquisite rhyming couplets showcase fantastical dreams as the natural world is prepared for a new day in this gentle bedtime book.

Age range: 2–5

Themes: imagination & play, science & nature, stories in verse

All Because You Matter
by Tami Charles,
illustrated by Bryan Collier
October 2020, Hardcover & e-Book $17.99

A lyrical, heart-lifting love letter to Black and brown children everywhere: reminding them how much they matter, that they have always mattered, and they always will, from powerhouse rising star author Tami Charles and esteemed, award-winning illustrator Bryan Collier.

Age range: 4–8

Love Your Amazing Self: Joyful Verses for Young Voices
by Ofosu Jones-Quartey, 
illustrated by Ndubisi Okoye
Storey Publishing
November 2022, Hardcover $17.99

This original, brightly illustrated collection of self-affirming lyrical meditations for kids ages 7 and up from Ofosu Jones-Quartey, a meditation teacher and recording artist, celebrates joy, resilience, empowerment, and self-compassion.

Age range: 7 & up 

Literary Themed Gifts

Custom Poem with Pressed Flower 
flora & phrase, $50

Give poet Zoe Branch of flora & phrase a few details about your giftee and she’ll write a custom poem just for them, mounted on birch wood and made complete with a real pressed flower of your choice.

Michael Storrings A Day at the Bookstore 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
Galison, $11.89

Soothing watercolors from award-winning designer, illustrator, and creative director Michael Storrings thoroughly capture the wonder and delight that can be found inside a bookstore. Galison puzzles are packaged in matte-finish sturdy boxes to shelve on the bookshelf! A full color insert of the puzzle image as well as information on the artist is included in the box. Puzzle size is 27 x 20", 508 x 686 mm.

Book Club Kit
Kikkerland, $10

A great way to share your love of books! The tin includes conversation prompt cards, an hourglass timer, die, book chart, and literary cocktail recipes.

Nightstand Bookmark
COLwood Craft, $27

Are you tired of losing where you are at in your book? Unimpressed with the paper bookmarks you get from the library? Time to upgrade to this beautiful handcrafted nightstand bookmark.
Book Stamp Tree of Life
Ex libris Gallery, $41.17

Personalized Book Stamp with the Tree of Life – an elegant gift for book lovers!
It comes tied by ribbon in a special gift box.Find more stamp designs:

Field Notes Pitch Black Notebooks 
Field Notes, $16.95

These 4-3/4" x 7-1/2" Field Notes Pitch Black Notebooks are available in 2-Packs with your choice of Dot-Graph or Ruled body paper. They're bound with glossy black staples and sturdy covers featuring Field Notes-exclusive black/kraft duplex paper from French Paper Co.

Dead Writers Perfume
Immortal Perfume, $5

The scent of old libraries and the ghosts of words past await in this bookish blend of heliotrope, black tea, vetiver, clove, vanilla, & tobacco. Sip a cup of tea, stroke the keys of your typewriter. Happy writing.

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