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Python REST APIs With Flask, Connexion, and SQLAlchemy – Part 3

In this three-part tutorial series, you'll create a RESTful API from scratch to keep track of people and notes using the Flask web framework. You'll also test your API with Swagger UI API documentation. In part three, you'll use SQLAlchemy to provide the functionality to add notes to a person:

Everyday Project Packaging With pyproject.toml

In this Code Conversation video course, you'll learn how to package your everyday projects with pyproject.toml. Playing on the same team as the import system means you can call your project from anywhere, ensure consistent imports, and have one file that'll work for many build systems:

Top 10 Vulns Impacting Open Source in 2022

You might know all about the incredibly useful and insightful OWASP Top 10 list from 2021, but what about the exact CVEs that could be lurking in your applications? Check out Snyk Top 10 Open Source Vulnerability report to get up to date on 2022's most common vulnerabilities.

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Microsoft Power BI and Python: Two Superpowers Combined

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to install and configure Microsoft Power BI to work with Python. Using Python, you'll import data from a SQLite database, transform and augment your dataset with pandas, and visualize it with Matplotlib:

The Real Python Podcast – Episode #134: Building Python REST APIs With Flask & Structuring Pull Requests

How do you build a REST API using the Flask web framework? How can you quickly add endpoints while automatically generating documentation? This week on the show, Real Python author Philipp Acsany is here to discuss his tutorial series "Python REST APIs With Flask, Connexion, and SQLAlchemy." Christopher Trudeau is also here with another batch of PyCoder's Weekly articles and projects:

Zigi Is Your Personal Slack-Based Workflow Assistant

Zigi automates your day-to-day tasks, letting you focus on your code. It examines your Jira & GitHub to figure out what needs your attention, and then sends actionable help in real time from Slack. That means you spent less time on context switching and collaborate better with your team.

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