Last chance: let's meet in '23 - 50% off tickets this month only

Hi there, 

A quick heads-up that the 50% off all 2023 INDUSTRY Conference tickets promotion is ending on Wednesday (see more info shared by my co-founder Mike below). So if you intend to come to Dublin for INDUSTRY Europe (March 20-22), New York for the New York Product Conference (May 4), or Cleveland for INDUSTRY Global (October 2-4), now really is the best time to grab your ticket. On Thursday, ticket prices go up considerably.

Need any extra convincing (or maybe your boss does?!), just hit reply and I'll be happy to talk you through the key benefits of attending. I'm also available at the number below if it's easiest just to pick up the phone!

Take care,

Paul McAvinchey
Co-Founder, Product Collective
Creators of INDUSTRY: The Product Conference
+1 (440) 527 3575
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Date: Wednesday, November 16 2022 at 2:02 PM EST
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We’ve never done this before – so I’m going to cut right to it…

Starting today through the end of November, you can grab a pass to any one of our 2023 conferences for 50% off of the day-of-show rate. That’s right – half off. Every conference.

There’s no code you need to use – no minimum number of tickets needed to purchase. Simply register for any of those events before the end of the month, and you’ll receive the best rate that we’ll be offering at any point… even above and beyond our group rates.

What’s the catch? 

This Product Collective member special is only available through the end of November. On December 1st, pricing goes up considerably for each conference. If you’re wanting to seriously save on your conference pass, this is the time to grab your pass. 

Why are we doing this?

Simply put, we’re grateful for you – the Product Collective community. The last three years brought so much uncertainty. Yet, you all kept us motivated. Product Collective is now the largest and longest-running independent product community anywhere and we have you to thank for it. 

Plus, don’t you think it’s time we all got back together again? We can’t wait to help you make new product friends at our events. In fact, that’s our primary focus for 2023.

So again, any pass at any 2023 event… for 50% off our day-of-show rate. This month only.

Any questions? Let me know. Otherwise, we can’t wait to host you next year!

Mike (and the Product Collective team)

Mike Belsito
Co-Founder, Product Collective
Creators of INDUSTRY: The Product Conference


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